Artificial Intelligence, CTV Ad Spend Increases, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Artificial Intelligence, CTV Ad Spend Increases, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week there was a lot to cover in digital marketing news, from articles on artificial intelligence in digital marketing to Connected TV ad spend increases. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most useful stories, we compiled a list of the most interesting headlines from this week. 

This week in digital marketing news, many brands are looking to see how artificial intelligence can give their marketing strategies an extra boost. As the pandemic continues to boost the growth of ecommerce, reaching the right audiences online becomes even more important to the success of a campaign. According to MarTech Today artificial intelligence is more prevalent, likely due to the efficiency of predicting outcomes and understanding patterns that marketers just can’t compete with. By combining the intuition of a human marketer with technology that executes any marketing strategy, your brand is more likely to succeed in this increasingly digital landscape. 

In Connected TV news, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released their annual video spend study, which indicates that more than half of advertising buyers are shifting their dollars away from linear and instead investing in CTV. This is partially due to the newfound stability of CTV, as this channel was the least impacted by the pandemic and looks like it will remain strong. The IAB report estimates that average spend on CTV will reach around $16 million in 2020. Advertisers should take this into account during the second half of the year, and consider looking into this channel if they haven’t already. 

Here are the marketing headlines that caught our attention this week. 


The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Influencer Marketing – Once upon a time, successful advertising was a question of artistic creativity and financial muscle. The internet has changed all that. Today it is all about data, analytics, and algorithms.

4 Digital Marketing Tips Every eCommerce Retailer Should Use Post-Pandemic – The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the growth of eCommerce as more consumers are shopping from the comfort of their own homes during the lockdown and the re-opening of the economy.

Digital Ad Market Set to Eclipse Traditional Media for First Time – Digital advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Alibaba is set this year to overtake spending on traditional media for the first time, a historic shift in market share that has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome to the Predictive Marketing Era – Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks. These are all part of the digital advertiser’s lexicon now as the algorithms power so much of the tactical mechanics of our campaigns. 

How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business Grow – No matter who you target with your product or service offerings, your potential customers are undoubtedly online, so every marketer should be attempting to connect with them there. 


More Than Half of Buyers Are Shifting Some Linear Ad Spend to Connected TV – After a day of NewFronts panels, the IAB released its annual video ad spend study, which indicates that many buyers are starting to shift some of their broadcast and cable advertising spend to Connected TV.

Parks Associates: 54% of US Broadband Households Now Own a Smart TV  – Parks Associates found more than 50% of US broadband households own at least one smart TV, making the smart TV the primary platform for video services.

Is The Legacy, Traditional Pay TV Bundle Dead? – Fast-growing Connected TV/OTT usage via premium video streaming apps has taken the business by storm. 

Roku’s Pitch Is All About Flexibility and Automation – Roku is putting its updated ad platform, OneView, at the center of an upfront pitch that emphasizes the flexibility of over-the-top (OTT) marketing


Best practices in SMS customer care – Customer care is extremely important for brands, and facilitating customer care over as many communication channels as possible is good business practice. 

Stay on top of this year’s changing app marketing trends with App trends 2020 – Detecting the signs of major shifts in the app economy and moving fast enough to take advantage of them will be vital for marketers in 2020.

Ad tech insiders expect Apple to eliminate a key mobile ad targeting feature   – Apple might begin to unravel its IDFA, or identifier for advertisers. The IDFA is the only means for advertisers to precisely target and track users within apps on iOS devices.  

TikTok Users Target Trump’s Online Store – Days after TikTok users said they fueled lower-than-expected turnout at President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Okla., they have a new target: Trump’s online store.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.