Post-COVID Marketing, Nielsen Rating Errors, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Post-COVID Marketing, Nielsen Rating Errors, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Marketers are constantly being tasked with keeping up with the always updating industry news – and last week was no exception. To make it easier to see all of the latest news in one place, we compiled a list of the best marketing stories that caught our eye. 

In digital marketing news, many brands are looking to see how they can best make an impact in a post-COVID world. With travel, liquor, and many more industries hoping to capitalize on the summer season, many brands have been investing heavily in digital marketing. And while that can generally be an effective strategy for many companies, a new article from MediaPost recommends that marketers take the time to be creative and meet their consumers where they are. One way that marketers can achieve this is through digital experiences – one study from Deloitte even found that young people prefer to play video games and engage with social media as they watch TV or movies. And while most marketers already recognize that content is king, MediaPost recommends that even more focus is put on creating engaging written, video, and audio content as we enter the second half of the year. By using unique content to reach consumers, brands can better target specific audiences and drive conversions. 

And in Connected TV news, as content continues to spread out among the many platforms and services available to consumers, accurate tracking will become increasingly important. Last week it was revealed that Nielson undercounted local television audience metrics, and considering that the company made a similar mistake around a month ago, this seems to be becoming a pattern. In a new article from Adweek, they touch base with leaders from companies like ViacomCBS and NBCUniversal. Ultimately, these media networks know they will have to continue finding new and innovative ways to track their audiences in order to more accurately measure their performance. 

Check out the rest of the top marketing headlines from last week below.


Critical Questions to Guide Marketers Navigating the Multi-ID Landscape – The forthcoming deprecation of the third-party cookie has given rise to a new ecosystem of identity solutions, each vying to provide a durable alternative to the cookie for the purposes of targeting and measurement.

The Demise of Browser Cookies could Create a Golden Age of Digital Marketing – Depending on whom you ask, the digital advertising industry is either counting down the minutes to doomsday or entering an exciting new era for engaging with consumers.

US Ad Sales Growth Projected to Be Strongest in 40 Years Amid Covid Recovery – As the U.S. continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, so does the advertising industry.

Brands Must Go Beyond Advertising to Connect in a Post-COVID-19 World – The industry is at a crossroads as less data about consumers could equate with even less effective ads.

Performance Without Cookies Expected To Drop, Marketers Say – Some 69% of marketers expect ad performance to drop without cookies, with 62% concerned about losing the precision of data-driven targeting, according to data released Friday.


Why We Must Embrace the Next Era of Branded Entertainment – Attention has never been more expensive for brands to buy, growing by nine-fold over the past 20 years. Meanwhile, ads have never been easier to avoid, with the continued rise of ad-free subscription services and roughly 70M people in the U.S. using ad blockers last year.

How Performance CTV Ads are Helping Tovala Sell Meals that Cook Themselves – Launched in 2015, Tovala is a relative newcomer to the MKDS space, but its recent success has been backed by a marketing strategy that leans heavily on Connected TV advertising.

Comcast Stops Funding Hulu: Report – Tensions between Comcast and Disney over Disney’s international streaming strategy have led to Comcast suspending its funding of Hulu, the streaming service co-owned by the companies.

How Can Awareness Driven Brands Measure Direct-Response on TV? – Ecommerce advertisers understand the value of CTV in their digital strategy, but what about brands that don’t tie success to direct outcomes – does streaming exclude this group of advertisers, like CPG, entertainment or auto manufacturing segments?

TV Networks See Opportunity in Nielsen’s Botched Count  – After years of complaints about shortcomings in TV audience measurement options and Nielsen’s recent rating miscalculation, major media companies are starting to take matters into their own hands.


TikTok Kicks Off #CreativityForGood Hashtag Challenge to Coincide With Cannes Lions Awards – The video creation platform will donate $50,000 each to nonprofits IFRC, It Gets Better Project Malala Fund, One Tree Planted.

Instagram Tool Aims to Prove Influencer Marketing ROI – The social platform gives more insights into how the new tool will help marketers. 

A Smart Social Strategy Is Essential To Winning Prime Day – For a long time, preparing for Prime Day was limited to what brands and advertisers should do on Amazon alone. While ramping up and polishing efforts on Amazon is crucial ahead of this peak time period, there’s more to it than that.

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas Talks TikTok’s Data Access and Twitter’s Battle Over Free Speech – Mark Douglas, CEO of MNTN, joined Joe Donlon’s The Donlon Report to discuss the ongoing data privacy/access and censorship issues that continues to ruffle the technology industry.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.