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    Connected TV

    How Can Awareness Driven Brands Measure Direct-Response on TV?

    CTV is quickly becoming the go-to channel for offline- and awareness-driven brands

    How Can Awareness Driven Brands Measure Direct-Response on TV?

    3 Min Read

    Ecommerce advertisers understand the value of Connected TV in their digital strategy, but what about brands that don’t tie success to direct outcomes – does streaming exclude this group of advertisers, like CPG, entertainment or auto manufacturing segments that don’t necessarily rely on “Add to Cart” actions to track conversions? There’s no such thing as FOMO in Connected TV – everyone wins. Learn more about Connected TV’s role in unlocking opportunities for these brands in our upcoming webinar with our friends at Adweek on Thursday June 24th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Our Vice President of Marketing, Ali Haeri, will lead an in-depth discussion on how awareness-driven brands can play in the sandbox too. Register here to save your seat, or click the image below.

    How Connected TV Benefits Awareness-Driven Brands

    Connected TV has raised the bar on how brands of all walks of life should approach their digital strategy – not only as a tool to drive conversions and measurable results, but as a way to inform real-time decision making. Awareness-driven brands that measure their success offline (think ticket sales at a movie theater box-office for example) are either less common on Connected TV or not using it to its full potential  – though that might change after they read this blog post. Therefore, the brands who do take advantage of this channel face less competition, and opportunity for greater consumer mindshare.

    One of Connected TV’s coveted features is its audience targeting capabilities, which serves awareness-driven brands well. Platforms like MNTN Performance TV have audience targeting built into its interface and at no added cost (don’t forget, not all Connected TV ad tech platforms are built the same – and some charge advertisers to access this data). Brands can access over 30,000+ in-market 3rd party audience segments thanks to our partnership with Oracle Data Cloud. This helps to preserve ad spend, and allocates your budget to the audiences you want to reach across over 125+ premium television networks like CNN, ESPN, CNBC and Food Network to name a few. 

    Once you’ve selected your audiences and hit launch, your campaigns will drive awareness and reach your audience at multiple touch points throughout the user journey. If we revisit the movie theater example again, this would mean that the same viewer who comes across your ad on television, might see a similar ad on their other household device – like on their mobile phone or laptop in the form of a display ad. If you have access to your customer database, you can even upload this into our platform and then retarget these same users directly on their television screens.

    Real-Time Data For Real-Time Insights

    Yes, conversions and revenue matter. But you know what else is just as important? Having the right insights to help inform your next move. Here’s a hidden gem for you – Connected TV has a way with data, which helps brands influence both their Connected TV, linear TV and other digital channel (think search and display) strategy. MNTN Performance TV’s reporting suite provides campaign data in real time, with the ability to slice and dice your data any which way.

    That’s only the beginning. In our follow up blog post next week, we’ll explore some real life use cases of how some awareness-driven brands have utilized Connected TV advertising. Stay tuned!