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Why Q4 is Primetime for B2B Brands on CTV

B2B brands are in for a very merry holiday season

Why Q4 is Primetime for B2B Brands on CTV

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As Q4 looms, B2C advertisers are cracking their knuckles and buckling up for the biggest quarter of the year. Many B2B advertisers are doing just the opposite, ready to hunker down through the holidays and reemerge when their zealous B2C counterparts have had their fill of impressions. However, this is a key time for B2B advertisers to take advantage of, so pour yourself a cup of cocoa and learn more about why your campaigns should extend through the end of the year. 

B2B brands often say “Bah Humbug” to Q4 campaigns

Q4 may feel like a quiet time for B2B businesses but it shouldn’t be. Connected TV allows these businesses to generate a strong, auto-optimized ad performance, even during the most crowded ad season of the year.

There are an array of factors that go into the previous avoidance of CTV for B2B. First of all, many B2B marketers believe that TV advertising isn’t the place for them. Linear TV was never a viable option since it was inefficient and expensive. It didn’t offer precise audience targeting to reach those granular B2B audiences or any way to accurately measure performance. Luckily, Connected TV solved all of these issues (more on that in a minute), giving these brands access to the high-impact TV screen.

Not only are many B2B brands stuck in the linear TV mindset, but they also worry about being lost within the high volume of B2C advertising that Q4 brings. They fear the holiday shopping madness will drown out their own messaging. Not to mention, during such a high-demand season, many expect higher CPMs as they compete with their B2C counterparts for ad space. 

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Connected TV delivers end-of-year results

B2B businesses no longer need to play Scrooge during the holidays. Connected TV advertising, especially MNTN Performance TV, has solved these issues, offering optimized campaigns for specific performance goals and allowing for precision targeting and measurement. Connected TV provides solutions for each of these concerns:

Connected TV is a viable solution for B2B businesses. With precision audience targeting, you can target only the viewers who fit your ideal customer profile and will engage with your message. From marketing experts to job seekers, CTV offers extensive third-party audiences to drill down to reach your specific audience. This targeting ensures that each delivered impression is efficient, making the most out of your ad budget. This also helps alleviate the fear of competing with B2C brands, and thus, dealing with much-higher CPMs. By focusing your ads on viewers uniquely valuable to you, you can sidestep a lot of B2C competition.

Connected TV also has measurement capabilities, allowing you to ensure your budgets are contributing toward hitting your goals and delivering a return on investment. For performance-focused CTV platforms like Performance TV, input your key KPIs and the system will auto-optimize throughout the flight to hit your target. The result is an accountable ad channel that will be there to maximize your budget during the Q4 rush. 

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Connected TV helps B2B cut through the Q4 clutter. Your ad won’t be jumbled in within the typical holiday hubbub. Instead, your B2B messaging can make a splash among the ads typically expected during this time. With accurate audience targeting, you can ensure your ad will only hit viewers who will actually take notice of your messaging because it applies to them. Plus, as many B2B advertisers sit back during this time, your message will shine while your competitors go dark. 

Increased CPMs won’t negate performance and returns. Since your ads will only be targeted to those who will find them applicable, your B2B budget will be spent efficiently, with little to no waste. And because you’ll be targeting this B2B-friendly audience, you’ll be operating in a different ad space than most B2C brands, allowing your message to make its full impact.

B2B businesses don’t need to cut their year short. By leveraging CTV, they can cut through the holiday clutter, reach their key audiences, and drive efficient, measurable results.