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Streamers Prefer Free, Ad-Supported Content Over Paid Streaming Services

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Streamers Prefer Free, Ad-Supported Content Over Paid Streaming Services

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As people continue to spend more time in front of their personal screens than ever before, the desire for premium video content has grown. And according to a new survey from Tivo, many consumers wish that there was even more free content for them to watch (shocking, right?). In fact, 79% of streamers would rather use free ad-supported content than subscribe to another paid streaming service. With consumers more money-conscious than ever, 83% of those surveyed said that canceling paid services and switching to ad-supported content is a good way to save money. 

This presents an interesting opportunity for marketers – CTV ads are non-skippable and offer detailed audience targeting, giving advertisers an edge over linear TV advertising capabilities. And with the measurement capabilities of Connected TV allowing advertisers to break down the performance of their campaigns into the KPIs and metrics that matter most, this channel brings the accuracy of digital reporting to the big screen. Ultimately, as audiences continue to migrate to free services with streaming ads, there’s an enormous opportunity for marketers to leverage CTV as a major part of their ad strategy, be it for awareness, or direct-response.

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