Travel Marketing Successes, Nielsen’s Lost Accreditation, & More | Weekly Marketing News

Too Busy to Keep Up with the Latest Marketing News? We’ve Got You Covered.To make it easier to catch all of the most important stories, we compiled this roundup so marketers can see it all in one place.

Travel Marketing Successes, Nielsen’s Lost Accreditation, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There is often a lot of news coming out every week that pertains to the world of marketing – and this week was nThere’s often a lot of news every week that pertains to the world of marketing – and this week was no exception. To make it easier to catch all of the most important stories, we compiled this roundup so marketers can see it all in one place.

In digital marketing news, the last year has been tumultuous for many industries, and none more so than travel. In a recent article from Adweek, the source called out some of the ways that tourism brands innovated over the last year, and what marketers can learn from their efforts. One brand chose to keep their spending strong during the downturn, and implemented personalized experiences to increase visit numbers. Another brand looked to reach consumers who were similar to their current customers. They spent the last year seeking to better understand how their digital campaigns were drawing people to their city, and how it ended up impacting their economy. Ultimately, Adweek found that by setting impactful goals and targeting specific audiences, these travel brands were able to reach the right individuals for their campaigns even when travel interest was low. 

And in Connected TV news, the controversy over Nielsen’s inaccurate reporting has finally come to a head. As many marketers may now know, Nielsen came under fire over the last year after they unreported viewers in the 18-49 demographic by as much as 2-6% during the pandemic. And this week, the MRC stripped the firm of it’s national TV ratings accreditation, and formally denied its request for a hiatus. As more and more viewers make the transition to streaming services over linear to watch video content, it becomes more important than ever to have accurate viewing data for marketers to leverage to better strategize for their campaigns. We discussed more about what this means for both networks and advertisers in a recent blog post on the breakup between NBCUniversal and Nielsen over this news.

For more of the marketing news from this week, here are the rest of the headlines that made waves.


Developing the Right Mindset for Digital Marketing Success – In this episode, we’re going to be looking at the mindset you need to have in order to succeed when it comes to digital marketing, SEO, and all those things that you want to achieve as an entrepreneur.

3 Lessons From Tourism Brands That Innovated in Turbulent Times – While marketers in all sectors continue to deal with the uncertainties of returning to normal life, some brands took a more counterintuitive approach during this time of pause over the past year. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore the World of Deep Marketing – You may have heard about drip marketing. But, likely, you haven’t heard about Deep Marketing. Deep marketing is an advanced way to do drip marketing and email marketing. It combines the personalization of sales with the scale of marketing. 

Gen Z, Millennials Drive Brands To Achieve Halo Effect – Many brands want to live under the halo effect, but it’s not something that can be bought or acquired. It happens organically to brands with a strong and authentic stand on important social causes. 

For Best Results in Brand Safety, Be Transparent and Trustworthy – Caitlin Rush illustrates the growing interest from marketers in platform transparency reports, and urges brands to take more responsibility for their online presence and safety metrics.

Personalization Is a Team Sport – Many marketers treat personalization purely as a technological challenge. It’s not completely off base to think that way. After all, nothing can be done without the technology that enables delivery of customized messages to designated targets. 


How NBCUniversal Just Shook Up the Industry by Breaking Up With Nielsen – Nielsen – once the industry standard for TV ratings measurement – has spent the last year under fire. Now Nielsen’s troubles may have cracked open the door for media companies to pursue new methods of TV measurement – and NBCUniversal just kicked it wide open.

MRC Strips Nielsen Of Its National, Local TV Accreditation – The Media Rating Council stripped Nielsen of its National TV ratings accreditation Wednesday and formally denied its request for a hiatus after the measurement giant underreported viewers during the pandemic.

What Marketers Should Consider as They Gear Up for the Holiday Season – Roku’s Kristina Shepard thinks ahead to another challenging holiday season and interprets the data on the role of streaming and its unique advantage for marketers.

Integral Ad Science Acquires Connected TV Advertising Leader Publica – Integral Ad Science, a global leader in digital media quality, today announced that it has acquired Publica, the connected TV (CTV) advertising platform, in a cash and stock transaction valued at $220 million.  

Disney To Boost Bundle By Moving Hotstar Content To Hulu, ESPN+ In U.S. – In the latest move in its heightened push to consolidate and drive subscriptions to the Disney Bundle — Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ — Disney is phasing out its Hotstar service in the U.S. and migrating that programming to Hulu and ESPN+.

ESPN+ Asks Sports Fans to Join the Evolution in New Campaign – ESPN knows the way people watch sports is changing, and it wants fans to come along for the ride on their streaming service.


Understanding Why Young People Love TikTok Is Key for Brands – The video sharing app is a prime target for performance marketers looking to rise above the digital clutter

How to Capture the Fleeting Attention of Mobile Gamers – The pandemic supercharged in-app and mobile display advertising as consumers spent much of their quarantine time on devices. To take advantage, many brands shifted advertising dollars to mobile apps. 

Buyer-Intent Data Fuels $1 Billion Q4 Sales at LinkedIn – LinkedIn is on pace for $4 billion in annual revenue thanks to its emphasis on more precise targeting around buyer intent. 

The Truth about Alternative App Stores and Monetization for Mobile Games – When marketing your mobile app it is important to be aware of the rules, regulations and monetization methods in place – however, this substantial requirement can often lead to myths that actually prevent developers from leveraging lucrative alternative app stores.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.