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TV Is Breaking Out Beyond the Box. Are You Ready?

TV ads are no longer shackled to one device—and that’s great news for both brands and viewers

TV Is Breaking Out Beyond the Box. Are You Ready?

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For as long as TV advertising has existed, it has always been confined to the box itself. While TV sets eventually got bigger, and flatter, the ad was never able to be fully targetable, trackable, or leave the set and follow the customer. As a result, it was hard for many advertisers to use TV ads as anything more than a brand awareness play; no one really knew how impactful their ads were or if the viewer even liked them. Connected TV has changed all of this. Today, TV ads have broken free of the box and into a futuristic world of cross-device attribution, and omnichannel marketing.

Unfortunately, not every brand is taking full advantage of these opportunities – or knows where to start. To help, Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at MNTN, will be speaking to Digiday about what strategies marketers need to learn today to be successful tomorrow. From cross-device strategies and attribution to navigating a fragmented market and keeping up with video demand, Marwan will showcase next-level concepts marketers need to employ to uncover hidden opportunities and unlock CTV’s true potential. Don’t miss out on this important webinar—RSVP now for free.

Break Free of TV

As Connected TV advertising continues to grow and mature, the industry is seeing a new strategy rapidly emerge – the CTV experience is extending beyond the TV frame to multiple user devices. Thanks to CTV’s transparency, this cross-device approach gives marketers crucial engagement metrics for their TV ads across multiple devices. As a result, brands that are embracing a cross-device strategy not only see their campaign perform outside of a vacuum and get better insights, but they can also use it to make better ads. By taking these comprehensive engagement metrics, brands have a better idea of what elements of an ad are working, what isn’t, and use this data to optimize and update their creative strategy on the fly.

Just five years ago all of this was a pipedream for TV ads, but it’s already shaping the future of how advertisers approach CTV. And it’s not just brands that benefit by getting better marketing metrics and optimization insights—the viewer wins too. By utilizing a cross-device approach and optimizing their ads, brands can pinpoint and remove roadblocks in the user experience—resulting in a smoother, easier process for their future customers.

A Touching New Attribution Model

Brands have been forced to get comfortable with a world of last-touch attribution, but today there’s a new innovative leap happening: the rise of the cross-device attribution model. The difference between last-touch and cross-device models is simple but critical:

Last-touch attribution: Gives full credit to the last marketing touchpoint the user engaged with before converting. For example, a viewer can see a TV ad, then visit the product page, then read Amazon reviews before buying. In this instance, the Amazon page would get the credit as the last touch point—ignoring the previous interactions on the buyer’s journey that got them to that point.

Cross-device attribution: Offers a more granular, person-level view of the buyer’s journey by accounting for all touchpoints that occurred up to the moment of conversion. In the above example, each touchpoint would be designated a certain amount of credit so that the marketing team could see the value each interaction had on the final conversion.

While cross-device attribution gives a more holistic and comprehensive view of the customer journey, last-touch is still more prevalent—forcing brands to abandon all the opportunities that cross-device offers. But as more industry leaders continue calling for the need for the cross-device model, many leading brands are starting to take up the cause – getting ahead of the competition while also paving the way for other brands.

The Future of CTV Strategies, Today

The next generation of CTV is here, and brands can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. Get the insights you need to supercharge your strategies and prepare for the next evolution of CTV. RSVP to save your seat today.