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Who’s Your Audience? – Nonprofits and Charities Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? – Nonprofits and Charities Edition

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What’s an advertiser to do when it’s no longer New Year’s resolution season, but it’s not yet Spring (Cleaning) and all of the seasonal events which fall under that umbrella? When perusing themes for this month’s audience spotlight, one industry stood out in particular—nonprofits and charities. Not only is this a sector that is much closer to our hearts, it’s evergreen no matter the season or month. And, as they say, it’s always better to give than receive, which is why charitable giving is expected to increase by 5.7% this year and hit a record $471.44 billion in contributions. Last year, and through this year, we’ve seen the nonprofits that have invested in their digital marketing—whether through data collection, fundraising strategy, personalized communication, audience targeting, and so on—were the ones most likely to exceed their KPIs for fundraising, program delivery, marketing and overall mission.

However, as with many other industries, the nonprofit and charitable sector aren’t without their challenges. “Historically, individuals contribute approximately two percent of personal income, however, while wages have grown, they have not kept pace with inflation. Purchasing power is declining…which could have a profound effect on charitable giving,” said Michael J. Rose, one of America’s top fundraising consultants. In this climate, it’s time to turn to other tools for support, whether it’s to attract new donors, acquire talent or simply drive brand awareness. We’re bringing to light some unconventional audience segments that you might not have considered, for your upcoming campaigns.

Audience Name: Early and Late Baby Boomers

Audience Provider: Alliant

Why they’re valuable: Not only do they possess the highest spending power, they’re also the most generous, with almost three-quarters of this generation donating to charity.

Audience Name: High-Income Families

Audience Provider: AdAdvisor by Neustar

Why they’ve valuable: Studies show that households earning over $162,000 also donate the most, with 93% of these households donating to charitable causes.

Audience Name: Charity Philanthropy

Audience Provider: Infogroup

Why they’re valuable: 80% of donations come from individuals—reach this group through this catchall segment targeting people who have an interest in charities and philanthropy.

Audience Name: Giving Tuesday

Audience Provider: Zipline

Why they’re valuable: Last year’s Giving Tuesday broke all records, with total donations of $2.7 billion. Target this group of individuals who are likely to be charitable donors, too.

Audience Name: Volunteers

Audience Provider: Cross Pixel

Why they’re valuable: Let this target audience work double duty—85% of volunteers donate to the nonprofit or charitable organizations that they volunteer.

If you’d like us to feature a specific area, send us your suggestions at and we might feature them in an upcoming edition.