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Who’s Your Audience? Spring Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? Spring Edition

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Are you spending or saving? It’s likely to be a mix of both as we start to enter the warmer months and welcome in spring. Even though there have been ongoing rumors of a recession on the way, the economy has stayed resilient. Retail sales give us a gauge on the overall health of the economy, and an article by MarketWatch revealed that they increased by three percent at the start of 2023—a clear signal that the economy is holding up the fort. 

All things considered, this spring, consumers are likely to approach spending with trepidation. A trend report by Retail Dive explored the changing customer sentiment, sharing that experiences will continue to win customers over, with shoppers prepared to spend big on services at the expense of big-ticket items. Take Spring Break for example—there’s continued pent-up demand this year, with consumers willing to spend up to $2,000 per person on travel. That’s not counting stocking up on auxiliary items like new swimsuits and travel accessories for the big trip. So, what does spring mean for building audience segments to target for your upcoming campaign? Keep reading for ready made segments, all accessible via MNTN Performance TV.

Audience Name: American Dream: Frugality

Audience Provider: AnalyticsIQ Symphony

Why they’re valuable: There is a reason why this audience segment comes up time and time again—fears of a recession have made shoppers more hesitant to spend. So, reach these households who are living for a deal.

Audience Name: Vacation/Leisure Travelers – Spring Break Trips

Audience Provider: Experian

Why they’re valuable: The (‘will it’ or ‘won’t it’ happen) recession might be swaying some shoppers away from stores, but not this demographic. 69% of students have travel plans for Spring Break this year.

Audience Name: Vacuum Cleaner

Audience Provider: Alliant

Why they’ve valuable: The early bird catches the worm (or in this case, the best deals), with some retailers rewarding early spring cleaners with a deal on top vacuum brands.

Audience Name: Private Label

Audience Provider: Oracle DLX (Datalogix)

Why they’re valuable: In the quest of spending more savvily, did you know that private labels are outselling branded products by 300%?

Audience Name:  Tax Season Consumers

Audience Provider: Cuebiq

Why they’re valuable: Yep, it’s that time of year again—tax filing season (April 18) is upon us. Target shoppers who are on the lookout for purchases that will help them file their tax returns this year.

Audience Name: Spring Gardening

Audience Provider: Oracle

Why they’re valuable: A wise man once said “it is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the spring, who reaps a harvest in the fall.”  Spring brings out the green thumb in all of us–here’s your opportunity to get in front of shoppers who reap what they sow.