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Who’s Your Audience? Spring Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? Spring Edition

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While Q4 might be lauded as the biggest season for advertisers, we’re never one to discount the ‘slower’ months—those with less holidays or events, like spring—for slower performance. In fact, research shows that April and May can be the most profitable months for advertisers. Why? Firstly, discounts are dropping across the board (and therefore bigger profit margins). Current average promotional discount for online stores sits at 34.2%, down from 41.2% the year prior. Secondly, if weather patterns are anything to go by, March’s weather was significantly warmer than usual throughout much of the country. This boosted earlier than usual demand for clothing and accessories through the month. While there aren’t as many holiday shopping events during this time, there are some big life moments that represent big opportunities for advertisers.

Let’s take the real estate sector for starters, where 40% of activity occurs between March and June. This has a halo effect across other verticals like home and garden, DIY, furniture and decor, and more. April is ‘Tax Time’, where people eagerly await their refund checks to spend, and of course, Easter and Mother’s Day as the main shopping events of the season. Our overall recommendation is to go all-in during these less competitive months like spring, and use the learnings from this to apply to busier months. You might be surprised with the results.

Get yourself acquainted with some of our spring seasonal content as we cover spring cleaning, spring break and graduation. Then, scroll down below to view a few unconventional audience segments that you might not have considered, for your upcoming spring campaigns.  

Audience Name:  Buying and Selling Homes

Audience Provider: Alliant

Why they’re valuable: Spring is the hottest time of the year for real estate—the current market is short 5.24 million homes, with plenty of buyers and sellers on the lookout.

Audience Name: Spring Allergies

Audience Provider: ShareThis

Why they’re valuable: Everyone loves it when spring rolls around, or do they? Not the 30 to 60 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies every year and seek relief.

Audience Name: Great Outdoors

Audience Provider: Merkle

Why they’ve valuable: This segment includes all outdoor enthusiasts, like green thumbs eager to get back into their element, and those who thrive on outdoor activities.

Audience Name: Spring Spenders

Audience Provider: Cubiq

Why they’re valuable: A study by UBS revealed that those making $80K+ annually expect to increase their spring spending by over 8%, versus middle income earners.

Audience Name: Go Big, or Go Home

Audience Provider: AffinityAnswers

Why they’re valuable: Spring break isn’t only for college students. Over 65% of travelers are planning to “go big” on a bucket list trip  this season, with travel restrictions easing.

Audience Name: Pet Owners

Audience Provider: Lotame

Why they’re valuable: Yes, spring is big for home and garden, but did you know that most of these consumers are also likely to be pet owners?

If you’d like us to feature a specific area, send us your suggestions at and we might feature them in an upcoming edition.