MNTN Labs.

Pushing the boundaries of Performance TV through cutting-edge innovation, industry-leading research and knowledge-sharing programs for our brand partners.

MNTN Labs.

Pushing the boundaries of Performance TV through cutting-edge innovation, industry-leading research, and knowledge-sharing programs for our brand partners.

The Future of Performance TV

MNTN Innovation

Our goal is and will always be to empower marketers to transform Connected TV into an effective performance channel. That’s why we constantly build new ways for marketers to drive—and measure—better outcomes.

Featured Innovation: MNTN Incrementality Reporting

You want to see the true impact of your CTV campaigns vs. results you would have produced anyway. We get it. That’s why we’re excited to announce that MNTN now offers transparent, simple, no-cost incrementality reporting that’s fully integrated into our platform.

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Uncover the trends defining the Connected TV landscape

MNTN Research

Last year, programmatic CTV ad spend grew by 82%. This year, it’s projected to grow by another 39%. As CTV’s growth continues to skyrocket, marketers have no choice but to keep up with the trends that inform success in this ever-changing market.

That’s why we launched MNTN Research to be a one-stop-shop for in-depth analyses of the streaming television, video, and media landscape.

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MNTN Research Preview

What Makes the Perfect CTV Commercial?

QuickFrame’s AI-powered creative analytics tool, Video Vitals, correlated more than 1,800 CTV commercials with their corresponding performance data points enabled through MNTN’s platform.

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Enroll early in programs designed to make you a better marketer

MNTN University

This year, we’re launching a new program that offers online courses, tutorials, certifications, and hands-on workshops—all designed to empower marketers with the skills and knowledge they need to more effectively drive growth for their brands.

Whether you’re interested in expanding your industry knowledge or gaining hands-on-keyboard marketing expertise, MNTN University will be a resource to help you level up.

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