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Introducing MNTN’s Incrementality Reporting for Connected TV

Introducing MNTN’s Incrementality Reporting for Connected TV

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We know it’s important to understand the true impact of your advertising—especially when it comes to the unique conversions and revenue you’re driving to grow your brand and business. Those insights make it easy to create an effective marketing strategy and advertise with confidence. 

That’s why we’re excited to share that MNTN is now offering incrementality reporting for CTV campaigns. With it, marketers can see the true impact of Connected TV versus the results they would have produced anyway—all with absolutely no additional costs or upfront planning required. These insights are available so marketers can make more effective optimizations and investment decisions and maximize the value of their MNTN campaigns.

MNTN’s approach to incrementality is different. While other forms of incrementality measurement for TV rely on black box data science to explain away questionable accuracy and potentially biased results, we built our incrementality reporting with transparency in mind. No black boxes. No need to take our word for it. Instead, you’ll get clear, easy to understand, and always-on reporting.

Join Taylor Dunne, Senior Platform Experience Manager at MNTN, in the video above as she walks through the key performance marketing metrics in the report, MNTN’s incrementality measurement methodology, and where you can find additional guidance to help you boost performance.