Advertisers Are Really Excited About Netflix At the Right Price, Says MNTN CEO Mark Douglas

Jan 24, 2023 1 Min Read

Mark Douglas, founder and CEO of MNTN, and Laura Martin, Needham analyst, recently joined ‘Power Lunch’ on CNBC to discuss the latest earning reports from Netflix. 

When asked whether the surging shares of the streaming giant persuaded her that now might be a good time to get in to Netflix, Laura Martin expressed that now might be too early to tell. “They said their ad revenue will not be meaningful in 2023. And more importantly, they took a price increase last year first quarter, and this year the form of the price increase they’re taking is to basically disconnect any of your subscribers that are out of your home.”

Douglas previously singled out Netflix as his CNBC Stock draft pick, and are winning due to that choice. When asked whether he would choose Netflix again if the draft was held today, Douglas responded that their recent moves have been a good sign, “I think what you are seeing is Netflix has traditionally led in the media business—a lot of the innovations in streaming have come from Netflix. And I think now, you’re seeing with the management change they’re making, they’re gearing up to lead some more.”

To watch the full conversation, check out the link below.

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