Why MNTN CEO Is Bullish on Netflix, With ‘The Exchange’

Why MNTN CEO Is Bullish on Netflix, With ‘The Exchange’

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Jason Bazinet, Citi analyst, and Mark Douglas, founder and CEO of MNTN, recently joined CNBC’s ‘The Exchange’ to discuss Netflix’s earnings numbers and advertisement competition in streaming.

Douglas was asked about what’s next for for the streaming giant, and his top level thoughts on their underwhelming numbers this quarter, “I continue to like Netflix. I think the big news out of their earnings announcement is really about the fact that the new ad-supported tier is monetizing actually better than the lowest plan.”

Ultimately, Douglas is still bullish on Netflix because of their new ad business, “I think what’s a little lost is Netflix’s $30 billion dollar a year business. The ad business is estimated to be, right out the gate, 10% of that. Like 2 to 3 billion dollars in revenue in the first year. So that’s the growth part of the business. I think it’s very different from what they’re doing with cracking down on password sharing.”

For the rest of the discussion, you can watch the video above or check out the below link.

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