MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on Disney Subscriber Drop

May 15, 2023 1 Min Read

Mark Douglas, CEO at MNTN and David Trainer, CEO at New Constructs, discuss Disney posting a drop in subscribers to its namesake streaming service and predicting a wider loss in that business this quarter. Dr. Carrie Nieman, Core Faculty Member for the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, talks about providing equal access to hearing aids for older Americans. Yancey Spruill, CEO at DigitalOcean, discusses providing cloud services for small businesses and startups. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Businessweek Technology Reporter Drake Bennett share the details of Drake’s Businessweek Magazine cover story The Plot to Steal the Other Secret Inside a Can of Coca-Cola. And We Drive to the Close with Katy Kaminski, Chief Research Strategist at AlphaSimplex. Hosts: Carol Massar and Matt Miller. Producer: Paul Brennan.

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