MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on Netflix Earnings and Outlook

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on Netflix Earnings and Outlook

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Mark Douglas, CEO at MNTN, recently joined Paul Sweeny and Matt Miller on the Bloomberg podcast to preview Netflix earnings and outlook for streaming services. After some banter about the weather in New York and the Yankees, they got down to business.

First up, Douglas was asked why Netflix is turning to ads after a history of avoiding them.

“Well a lot of their customers obviously like Netflix content without the ads, but a lot of people want to pay less. And advertising brings in the dollars to pay for the content for those users,” explained Douglas. “So this new tier is launching in November. It’s been very well received in terms of the price point and the number of minutes—it’s not going to be a lot of minutes of advertising, like 4 to 5 minutes of ads per hour of content, so that’s pretty low at roughly half the price.”

And when asked about the CPMs Netflix will charge advertisers for access to those advertising minutes, Douglas explained that there was a lot of debate about how high they are, “I think it’s a little higher than the Super Bowl, and I think maybe we’ll see a couple of months of that.”

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