Clearing The Air: Why Your CTV Reporting Needs More Transparency

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What This Session Is About

Transparency— it’s more than that 90s trend where all our computers and phones were see-through (man, that was cool). It’s also a crucial part of advertising that informs ad buys, proves ROAS, and helps track conversions. CTV has gone from an upstart ad channel to a maturing space, which means many more advertisers have joined (and will join) the fray. Now that everyone’s familiar with CTV, it’s time to talk about how to take the channel and its capabilities further — and transparency is a big part of that conversation.

Join Erik Gray, Director of Product Analytics as he breaks down why CTV transparency is so important — and gives you the tools and knowledge you’ll need to get better measurement and performance data. From the value of network-level reporting to an in-depth analysis of an attribution model tailored for CTV advertising, Erik will help you build out a CTV transparency report card that identifies gaps, gives the resources to remediate them, and uses transparent reporting to fuel better-performing campaigns.

Clearing The Air: Why Your CTV Reporting Needs More Transparency

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