No One Knows Who You Are: A Contrarian Take on Lower Funnel B2B Marketing

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What This Session Is About

Face it B2B marketers: no one knows who you are. You’re not a household name (yet). No one’s actively Googling your brand. And regardless of what your gut may tell you, you keep doubling down and digging deeper into your lower funnel strategies. How’s that working out for you? Good? Bad? Either way: you can do better, not by going low, but by going high.

Join MNTN’s Ali Haeri, VP of Marketing, and Pluralsight’s Koji Takagi, Senior Director of Marketing for a fireside chat where they’ll deliver some spicy hot takes about a better (see: the right) way to generate demand and more effectively reach your addressable market with targeted awareness-driven ads. These two B2B contrarian’s will offer insight on why repeatedly hitting the lower funnel is the fastest way to burn through budget, how funding each stage of the funnel helps build a sustainable pipeline, and why going to the top with targeted awareness gets you in front of prospective buyers who need you most.

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