Targeting Has Met Its Match(ed)


What This Session Is About

In fairy tales, it always works out in the end. The princess finds her prince charming, Goldilocks gets her perfect porridge, and advertisers double their ROAS. Okay, that last one isn’t a fairy tale — it’s not even fiction. It’s the result of MNTN’s new audience targeting tool: MNTN Matched.

Join a conversation with MNTN to learn more about how MNTN Matched can connect your commercials with the audience most likely to engage with your brand — and convert! (That’s the marketing version of “happily ever after.”)

During this chat, you’ll learn:

  • The capabilities of MNTN Matched
  • How MNTN Matched helps you find high intent consumers
  • Ways to scale your investment (without increasing your CPA)
  • How to achieve best-in-class performance
Targeting Has Met Its Match(ed)

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