The Future Of Television Advertising is Here – So Now What?

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What This Session Is About

Over the last few years, the ad industry has signaled in big bold letters that Connected TV is the future. It’s the platform that is changing the game by merging performance capabilities into TV advertising. But the fact is: the future is here. And as performance marketing continues to prove its value on the living room screen, now is the time for marketers to discover how CTV can actively enhance performance across all marketing channels and leverage the platform to its full effect.

Join MNTN’s Mark Douglas, President and CEO, as he shares how and why Connected TV creates a ripple effect of positive performance that can reverberate across every channel your audience is on. Learn where CTV fits in your omnichannel mix, how to align your different channels to catalyze hyper-growth, and tips for building upon the platform’s holistic impact as Adland ramps up for the busy holiday season.

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