WTF is purpose-built creative for CTV? | Why connected TV video is transforming creative strategies

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What This Session Is About

In slower-moving days of early video campaigns, creative strategists tasked their teams with developing 15- and 30-second videos for platforms and owned-and-operated sites. Now the brief needs multiple lengths, numerous (and ever-expanding) formats and a bevy of creative detail swaps across every instance. The TikTok video is different from the Instagram reel, and the YouTube instance is a separate beast from what the CTV and streaming channel audience expect to see. In this sponsored session with the experts at MNTN, we unpack the nature of purpose-built, performance-driven creative for connected TV — precisely the kind made with a mindset of business and artistry across creative and revenue-focused teams. What it takes, how it’s conceptualized and how successful teams execute the campaigns that drive eyeballs to products and services —  and conversions.

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