Your Digital Strategy is Missing One Thing: High-Impact TV Creative

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What This Session Is About

We’re all digital marketers here. So you don’t need us telling you the best ways to find, target, and reach your audiences in a paid search and social campaign. You’ve been expertly executing those performance strategies for years. But there is something you haven’t been able to do until just recently—enhance the impact of your digital strategies with high-quality TV ad creative. Now that Connected TV has become a true performance channel, marketers have the opportunity to combine the effectiveness of digital with the creative prestige of TV to drive measurable performance on the living room screen—without having to rewrite the rules of the digital marketing playbook.

Join Eric Hatzenbuhler, MNTN’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager as he explores how high-impact TV creative can create a ripple effect of positive performance across your existing digital strategies, and how to translate what works on paid search and social into tactics you can use on Connected TV. He’ll also examine how marketers currently approach video on other digital channels to offer real-world insights on how to harness those strategies for a high-impact, performance-driven CTV campaign.

Your Digital Strategy is Missing One Thing: High-Impact TV Creative

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