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50.7% of US Internet Users Will Watch AVOD Content by 2023

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50.7% of US Internet Users Will Watch AVOD Content by 2023

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Over the last few years, conversations about the growth of streaming have focused mainly on subscription video on demand (SVOD). That is in part due to the number of streamers who watch content via subscription services—more than 90% at least monthly in 2022. But the last few months have revealed a dramatic shift in the streaming industry, due to the large number of SVOD services that now include ad-supported content within their CTV platforms.

This move will translate into streaming viewer behavior by as soon as next year. According to eMarketer, more than half of all US internet users (50.7%) will be watching AVOD content via AVOD services by 2023—rising to 55.8% by 2026. And when it comes to the entire US population, of which 41.8% watched content from at least one ad-supported streaming service monthly in 2022, eMarketer projects that AVOD will be used by 50.5% of all Americans by 2026. This growth in AVOD users will largely be driven by the newer ad-supported streaming entrants, such as Netflix and Disney+, which are now offering a hybrid model to their subscribers.

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