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82% of DTC Shoppers Take Action After Seeing an Ad on CTV

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82% of DTC Shoppers Take Action After Seeing an Ad on CTV

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As digital-first consumers continue to propel the rise of DTC brands, there’s an immense incentive to learn how to best reach this desirable audience group. DTC consumers tend to be young, more educated, and frequently shop online. They also are Connected TV watchers –– DTC shoppers spend the majority of their weekly TV time watching their favorite shows and movies through streaming, with an average of 13 hours a week (20% higher than cable, and 70% higher than social). And luckily for those marketers looking to advertise to this valuable audience, there’s research that explores exactly how DTC brands are using Connected TV to reach these customers. 

According to the Emerging Alliances report, DTC consumers find less value in cable –– 25% planned to cut the cord in 2020 (if they hadn’t already), and 85% watch shows and movies through streaming every week. They are also more interested in personalization than other audience groups. Of those surveyed, 40% of DTC shoppers wanted a more personalized shopping experience. And considering that personalized and targeted ad experiences are exactly what Connected TV does best, it comes as no surprise that 82% of DTC shoppers take action after seeing an ad on CTV. Ultimately, with Connected TV’s ability to maximize targeted reach and optimize data, all within a brand-safe environment, this channel is the best new way for DTC brands to make an impact through their advertising.

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