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92% of advertisers find CTV highly effective at meeting or exceeding their KPIs

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92% of advertisers find CTV highly effective at meeting or exceeding their KPIs

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With Connected TV enjoying a period of growth as TV watchers consistently make the switch to streaming, it’s no surprise that advertisers are following. This is in part because of Connected TV’s ability to reach audiences that are not accessible through traditional TV, such as younger consumers and cord-cutters. Advertisers are even reporting that this change in behavior by consumers is to their benefit, with 90% finding CTV just as effective if not more so than linear TV

Advertisers are also a fan of Connected TV’s ability to achieve measurable success. 92% believe CTV is highly effective at meeting or exceeding their digital marketing KPIs. This comes as no surprise – with Connected TV’s capability to provide precise and actionable data, marketers have the power to better understand the results of their campaigns. Ultimately, as more advertisers get a taste for this data-driven channel, Connected TV marketing will continue to grow as a channel, with ad spend expected to double over the next three years.

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