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Ad-Supported Streaming, Consumer-First Advertising, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Ad-Supported Streaming, Consumer-First Advertising, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week in marketing news, everything from new consumer behavior to the rise of ad-supported streaming was making headlines. To make it easier to keep up, we created this roundup of the most useful stories we could find.

In digital marketing news this week, there was a lot of focus on the customer. MediaPost explored how the pandemic increased interest in content due to the greater reliance consumers have on digital. They recommend that brands spend more time investing in real-time personalization and personalized content in order to best take advantage of this growth of digital marketing. Adweek also had some recommendations for marketers looking to connect with their consumers. Rather than just using customer feedback to prove their ideas right, marketers should start taking advantage of their own data when attempting to measure the success of their campaigns. And finally, in their article New Consumer Buying Habits That Can Transform Your Business, Entrepreneur looked into how marketers can take advantage of new techniques in order to better match their own customer’s preferences. 

In Connected TV news, a new survey has revealed that there is more positive sentiment among consumers for ad-supported streaming. Pipslay, a research operations company, found that 60% of those polled have “switched to ad-supported streaming” over the last year, according to an article from MediaPost. In a breakdown of the top ad-supported VOD streamers, Peacock came out on top with 23% of the share, with Roku, Pluto TV, and Tubi next in line. And when it came to paid subscriptions/ad-supported streaming platforms, Hulu was closely followed by HBO Max for the leading spot. As more and more consumers make the switch to services that support streaming advertising content, marketers should be looking into the advantages of reaching this growing audience through Connected TV advertising.

Here are the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our attention this week. 


What’s Your Strategy for Thriving in a First-Party Data World? – First-party data has become more important than ever to provide the experiences consumers expect and welcome. Marketers need to better understand who these people (not devices) are and how they can be served beyond demographics. 

Unboxing the Holidays – We’ll share with you some of the must-know industry trends, and next week we’ll take a deeper dive into campaign strategy.  So, for now, sit back and keep on scrolling for some recommendations that will help you hit the ground running. 

Brands: You Don’t Know Who Your Customers Are—and It Shows – Eighty-nine percent of brands reported they were impacted by Covid-19, and marketers had a steep hill to climb when it came to rising to the occasion. Those who got it wrong reverberated as consumers showed zero patience for the misfires.

Brands Show Heightened Interest In Personalized Content, ‘Opt-Out’ Too – Not all content – especially digital content – is created equal, and there is an imminent need among marketers to make better versions, improve content marketing ROI and reduce the waste associated with it.

5 New Consumer Buying Habits That Can Transform Your Business – Advertising is one of the most change-sensitive commercial fields, due to its constant effort to match people’s preferences and surpass their expectations. While user demands shift and habits emerge, advertisers have to either keep up or bear the losses.

How a Top Tourism Office Actually Boosted Its Brand Awareness in the Midst of the Travel-Free Pandemic  – If this past year has taught us anything about consumers’ daily routines, it’s that all of that can change in, well, a day. Practically overnight, people found themselves sheltering in place, cutting off physical contact and forfeiting travel plans.


Ad-Supported Streamers Gain Traction, Survey Finds – There is more positive sentiment as well as growing trends for growing ad-supported premium streamers’ video, according to a recent survey.

Who Wins When CTV Ad Spend Hits $100B In 2030?  – Veteran internet and media analyst Dan Salmon of BMO Capital Markets released a report late last month that projected CTV ad spend in the U.S to hit $21 billion this year and to grow almost 30% per year throughout the coming decade to hit $100 billion annually by 2030.

The future of video advertising: think bigger… and smaller – Connected TV, broadcast video, addressable TV – all these innovations are changing the way consumers and advertisers think about video advertising. Suddenly, TV can stretch from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom, from multi-national to local, and from B2C to B2B. 

Peacock Bumps HBO To Get Universal Films First – Starting with its 2022 lineup, Comcast’s Universal Pictures will send new films exclusively to the company’s own Peacock streaming service, no later than four months after they debut in theaters.

An Untapped Opportunity: Why B2B Brands Should Embrace Connected TV – B2B marketers have been stuck with the same ad channels for a while now. The good news? There is a proven playbook for B2B brands that works. The bad news? Because it works, everyone follows it.

Here’s How to Improve Connected TV Ad Measurement – The biggest misconception in ad tech in 2021 is that measuring ad performance on connected TV (CTV) is difficult or impossible. This perception exists because there’s no real universal measurement standard or one with “common currency.” 


Mobile App Video Fraud Rises 50%, CTV Notches To Top, DoubleVerify Finds – As the advertising landscape continues to rock brands, a report released today by DoubleVerify outlines the shifts — from growth in connected TV (CTV) and quality on programmatic buys to measures that improve performance and privacy.

People Spend Nearly 2 1/2 Hours Daily On Social Media – People worldwide spend two hours and 25 minutes each day using social media, according to research from We Are Social and Hootsuite. (Americans spend 18 minutes less than the global average.) 

TikTok Goes After LinkedIn Job Search Market – TikTok has launched a pilot program in the U.S. that allows users to create a video resume and submit it to one of the 34 brands participating in the project.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.