Brand Safety, COVID-19 Concerns, & More | Biweekly Marketing News

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Brand Safety, COVID-19 Concerns, & More | Biweekly Marketing News

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As COVID-19 continues to make an impact on the world at large, we’ve been tracking the big stories emerging out of the marketing industry. Many sources have been focusing their articles around protecting brands during these times. Powerhouses like Forbes and The Harvard Business Review urge the use of caution when making decisions about digital marketing, so as to not damage a company’s reputation or cause harm to consumers. 

In social media news, Cottonelle seems to have taken this advice to heart. Their recent social media campaign, #shareasquare asks consumers to not stockpile their products, instead seeking to promote community safety and health in this time. This and the strategies of many other companies can help lead the way for marketers looking to promote their brands while being considerate of the times we are facing. 

Just one quick note before diving in. While we used to compile these lists sporadically, it has been feeling like each day has needed a roundup in order to stay on top of the news. So going forward we plan on sharing the news twice a week. For now, here are some of the articles in marketing news that grabbed our attention.


Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis – With so much changing so fast during this difficult time, what actions can brands take to serve and grow their customer base, mitigate risk, and take care of their people?

‘Acts not ads’: How firms should market themselves during the coronavirus crisis – “There’s a very fine line between being helpful and flogging stuff on the back of a crisis,” Ian Henderson, chief executive of ad agency AML Group.

As Coronavirus Spreads, Digital Marketing Becomes More Important Than Ever – With customers staying indoors–and presumably online–digital marketing may well be a brand’s best defense against coronavirus.

How are Advertisers Reacting to COVID-19? – COVID-19 is already having a huge impact on marketing, advertising and media. How are advertisers reacting to COVID-19?


7 brands that have increased social media spend during the coronavirus pandemic  – Amazon Prime Video, Dial and Instacart are among the brands boosting their social ads, even as many others pull campaigns.

How To Focus Your Marketing On Generation Z Today – As the oldest consumers in the Generation Z cohort move into their mid-20s in the next few years, we must pivot our messaging to match their habits, dreams, and desires. 

Cottonelle urges people to stop stockpiling toilet paper with social campaign – Toilet paper brand Cottonelle launched a social media campaign to urge people to avoid hoarding its products during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making – With social media, you are your own publicist. If your posts are met with silence, here’s what you’re missing, and what to do instead.


Report: YouTube plans ‘Shorts’ video-sharing feature to challenge TikTok – YouTube will release a video-sharing feature called “Shorts” to compete with TikTok by the end of the year, which will allow access to its library of licensed music.

Rakuten Viber teams with WHO on COVID-19 chatbot – Rakuten Viber is collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) on a chatbot to fight misinformation about COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. 

AppsFlyer: Facebook faces growing Google rivalry in mobile ad retargeting – Facebook faces greater competition from Google in mobile ad campaigns that target people who have previously used an app, per a study by mobile attribution firm AppsFlyer.


That’s it for the roundup today, and later this week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.