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    Connected TV

    Connected TV Ads Drive Action from DTC Shoppers

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    Connected TV Ads Drive Action from DTC Shoppers

    2 Min Read

    82% of direct to consumer shoppers take action after seeing Connected TV ads

    Direct to Consumer Shoppers Respond to Connected TV Ads

    Direct to Consumer, or DTC brands, are enjoying what Connected TV advertising has to offer. According to research conducted by Hulu and Telaria, 82% of DTC shoppers will take action after seeing an ad streamed across CTV. Importantly, DTC shoppers also watch 20% more CTV than cable, and spend 70% more time streaming than on social. That makes for an engaged and active audience who’s ready to convert.

    It’s thanks to these numbers that many Direct To Consumer brands are making CTV advertising a focus. DTC brands are data-driven, performance-oriented organizations which make them a perfect fit for CTV’s targeting and analytics capabilities. And according to research from Social Media Links, millennials (who make up a bulk of CTV viewers) are huge fans of DTC brands. All of this adds up to a perfect storm for DTC brands and CTV – making it a match made in heaven that DTC brands won’t want to do without.

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