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Conversions driven by Connected TV campaigns jumped 105% year over year

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Conversions driven by Connected TV campaigns jumped 105% year over year

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More and more advertisers are taking advantage of the power of Connected TV. In fact, during last year’s holiday season, the number of advertisers running Q4 campaigns through MNTN’s Performance TV platform jumped 67% year-over-year. This is according to the new MNTN 2021 Post-Holiday Connected TV Report, which examined how CTV’s ability to hit performance goals, along with its changing role in marketing strategies, led to this channel’s growth during the 2020 holiday season

In previous years, advertisers were more interested in the traditional branding and awareness capabilities of Connected TV. But in 2020, the campaigns advertisers ran were more direct-response focused, leading to a 105% YoY jump in the number of conversions driven by Connected TV advertising campaigns. Ultimately, marketers who use Connected TV as more than just another awareness channel are fully taking advantage of its ability to achieve specific direct-response marketing objectives.

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