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Creative Considerations for Mother’s Day Marketing

Last week, we took a closer look at Mother’s Day audiences—now it’s time to focus on the best way to communicate with shoppers.

Creative Considerations for Mother’s Day Marketing

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Now that we have a better understanding of Mother’s Day audiences, it’s time to think about the best way to deliver your message. Connected TV advertising is a key component of any digital marketing strategy across the full customer funnel, and bridges the gap between your target shopper and your brand. Why television? Because it’s a key motivator. Consumers are 11 times more likely to search for a product if they’re seen it on TV rather than online—not to mention, TV advertising is reported to be responsible for as much as 72% of all brand awareness. Unbeknownst to many marketers, it’s also the perfect platform to test messaging, different creative elements and more. In this article, we’ll guide you through a few creative considerations to set up your Mother’s Day campaigns.

Free Shipping Trumps Fast Shipping

When determining what type of messaging gets consumers in the door (or in this case, clicking ‘add to cart’), free shipping is the way to go—85% of consumers prefer free over fast shipping. Considering that the average shopping cart abandonment rate hovers around 70%, where shipping fees and other extra costs are the main reason why shoppers decide not to finalize the purchase online, is an even stronger case for utilizing this offer in your Connected TV campaigns.

There are also plenty of ways you can get creative with your free shipping messaging:

  • Free Shipping on All Orders:
  • Free Shipping For First-Time Customers
  • Free Shipping on All Orders For a Limited Time
  • Free Shipping to Select States or Countries
  • Free Shipping Based on a Minimum Order Threshold
  • Free Shipping For Select Items

Better yet, test each of the above variants and see which one yields better performance. MNTN Performance TV makes it easy to set up A/B tests and then measure the results in real-time.

But It’s Not All About Free Shipping

A little stuck for ideas? Consider these themes for starters—don’t forget to apply our creative foundations. You’ll find more pointers in our CTV Video Best Practices guide here, but in case you’re sick of opening new window tabs (have lost count of the number of tabs open as we write this guide), we’ve listed these below:

  • Create a Call to Action (CTA): Include a visual or audio cue to encourage viewers to take action. This could be in the form of a message at the end of your ad, or a prominent CTA watermarked throughout the ad, which we’ll explain further in our point below.
  • Keep Your Logo and URL prominent: Make it as easy as possible for viewers to find more information about your brand at all times to jog brand recall.
  • Make Your Voice(over) Heard: You can’t expect your visuals to carry the weight of your CTV ad alone. A study by Millward Brown revealed that in two versions of an advertisement—both containing an ending with a visual message, the other with a visual message accompanied with a voiceover—the version with voiceover resonated with 44% of the audience, while the one without voiceover resonated with 17%.

Now that we have the fundamentals out of the way, have a play with some of these creative concepts below to dress up your Mother’s Day campaigns:

  • Mother’s Day reminder or countdown: Urgency amplifies already-present feelings of wanting something—a little psychological trick that advertisers use to seal the sale. It’s also a great time to engage shoppers who are waiting to do their Mother’s Day shopping last minute. This could be in the form of promoting last minute deals or order deadlines.
  • Special Mother’s Day deals: Curate this specific to your business or service offering. Whether you’re promoting a gift-with-purchase, X% discount for two or more items and more—better yet, mix these promotions up (ideally with different creative for each). You can then use MNTN Performance TV to test between these different offers and gauge which one resonates best with your customers via our reporting dashboard.
  • Ongoing offers not specific to Mother’s Day: The best part of using MNTN Performance TV in your digital strategy is its evergreen utility. So why not include messaging that speaks to any ongoing campaigns that will last well beyond this special day to attract those residual shoppers?
  • Best-selling products: You’ve seen those ads around, which highlight top products—you can apply this same principle to your CTV campaigns. For example, retarget viewers on television who have exhibited interest in certain product categories.
  • Abandoned cart reminders: Ecommerce brands lose $18 Billion in sales revenue every year because of cart abandonment. This represents a big opportunity for advertisers. Our retargeting feature also enables advertisers to serve CTV ads to cart-abandoners. Combine this tactic with compelling messaging to drive urgency, utilizing discount codes, extra discounts if a purchase is made by X date, and so on.

We hope these creative ideas will give you some food for thought when planning your upcoming Mother’s Day campaigns. Watch this space next week as we round up our Mother’s Day content series.