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CTV Achieves Desired Key Performance Indicators

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CTV Achieves Desired Key Performance Indicators

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With the constant pressure on marketers to make the most of their advertising budgets, it has become especially important for the channels marketers use to be both effective and trackable. These days, marketers are looking for data-driven tools that directly turn their ad dollars into performance success. And according to a survey conducted by The Trade Desk, Connected TV is that tool––with 95% of marketers reporting that CTV achieves desired key performance indicators. 

While campaigns run through linear TV channels can work for marketers looking to raise awareness of their brand, Connected TV is uniquely suited to achieving specific goals. The digital capabilities of CTV make targeting the perfect audiences and tracking the success of a campaign a walk in the park. In fact, 87% of advertisers feel that CTV is just as effective as, if not more effective than, traditional TV. With reports like this one from Trade Desk proving just how effective Connected TV can be, marketers who relegate it to just another branding and awareness channel are missing out on its full potential as a performance channel.

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