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    Connected TV

    CTV Ad Spend Will Reach $18.89 Billion in 2022

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    CTV Ad Spend Will Reach $18.89 Billion in 2022

    2 Min Read

    It looks like we will see the fall of linear TV within our lifetimes. A new report from eMarketer reveals that while US linear TV ad spending will grow by 4.1% to $68.35 billion this year, that number will drop by $3.41 billion by the year 2026. In fact, only a quarter of advertisers report that they will be increasing their ad spend on linear over the next year. This is in part due to the decline in users who watch TV through linear—a number that is expected to fall by six million over the next two years. 

    However, overall spend on TV advertising is still expected to grow. This is due to the rise of Connected TV, which will reach $18.89 billion this year and more than double to $38.83 billion by the end of 2026. The viewership of this channel is also expected to climb, surpassing linear audiences by 2025 with 235.5 million viewers. Ultimately, despite the decline estimated for linear TV audiences and ad spend, brands can still expect to have a strong TV-based ad channel to advertise through in the form of Connected TV.

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    WPP’s media investment group GroupM has partnered with media companies across the advertising industry to create new standards in streaming viewability and Connected TV measurement.

    Sun, Surf, and CTV: Summer Marketing Has Returned
    Summer has finally returned. It’s a welcome sight for brands in the experiential, travel, and tourism verticals after years of lockdowns, social distancing, and virtual events as we see a return to 2019-levels of activity.

    TikTok Adds to Connected TV Viewing With Vizio Integration
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    Popular short-form social video app TikTok is coming to Vizio smart TVs. The Vizio application launched Thursday on the Vizio home page with a dedicated carousel showing trending genres that viewers can search.

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