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45% of Digital Political Ad Spend in 2024 Will Go to CTV

45% of Digital Political Ad Spend in 2024 Will Go to CTV

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Looks like Connected TV is the new campaign HQ of digital political ad spend. New data from eMarketer reveals that during the 2024 election cycle, advertisers are expected to spend around $1.5 billion on the channel — around 45% of all political digital spend. That’s a massive jump from the 19% allocated to Connected TV by political advertisers during 2020. 

There are a few reasons for that growing interest in CTV — number one being growing Connected TV viewership. Since 2020, CTV has gained over 20 million users, with even more growth expected by the end of 2024. And considering there’s even more CTV inventory to go around this year, thanks to the recent rise of ad-supported tiers and streaming platforms, it’s perhaps unsurprising that political advertisers are looking to take advantage of a channel with the reach of linear TV and the performance marketing capabilities of any other digital channel.

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