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51% of CTV Users Wish They Could Shop Online Using Their TV

51% of CTV Users Wish They Could Shop Online Using Their TV

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A new survey from LG Ad solution has revealed that over half of Connected TV users are itching for a more shopping-friendly experience on their screens. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re missing out on the features already available — nearly 30% of respondents say that they have hit the “Buy Now” button straight from their screens during a TV ad. But hold onto your remote! This figure still trails purchases made on other devices, like mobile (56%), desktop (45%), and even in-store shopping (31%). 

Currently, the top three ways viewers use Connected TV to shop the products they see advertised are texting for deals, scanning QR codes, and using voice commands through remotes or smart speakers. QR code usage, in particular, is on the rise, with 48% of CTV users scanning at least one QR code in the last three months. The top products shopped through QR codes include clothing, electronics, automotive, appliances, and groceries. This rising interest in shoppable TV comes as no surprise considering the increasing popularity of free, ad-supported streaming TV (FASTs) — 78% of CTV users say they regularly watch FAST platforms. As more viewers take their streaming with a side of ads, it’s clear that they expect a higher level of personalization and interactivity to jazz up their watching experience.

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