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Don’t Just Capitalize on Demand – Create It

Connected TV advertising can reach a group of people who are interested in your business, they just don’t know it yet

Don’t Just Capitalize on Demand – Create It

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A B2B audience has historically been considered a niche one in the TV world, relegated to Sunday afternoon sports. This may have led you, a B2B advertiser, to rely on other performance channels, like paid search. And while paid search is a great tool to capture a self-identified interested audience, Connected TV is here to expand horizons and generate demand.

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Paid Search Reaches Those Already Interested – If You Have the Know-How

Paid search has long been an advertising solution for good reason: there is no guessing if someone is interested in your product or service; they are self-identifying. What better time to serve someone an ad than when they are searching for a solution you offer? This seems like the easiest performance solution, with an audience served up on a plate (or a screen, in this case). 

However, just because they are easy to identify doesn’t mean they are easy to reach. Since this audience is clearly defined, the competition for the ad placement is steep; you’ll most likely be bidding against all your competitors for the same inventory. With so much competition, winning these bids takes years of practice. Sure, we love a good A/B test as much as the next B2B advertiser, but constantly testing bidding strategies, ad copy, landing pages, and more can be overwhelming. Plus, you probably want to win bids today, not after months of optimizations. 

Perhaps the biggest consideration though is the scale. Paid search is a great way to reach those with intent, but this can be a limited pool. Rather than depending on someone to search for the appropriate term, what if you could generate the demand for those who could benefit from your product or service, but might not be actively looking?

Connected TV Creates New Demand

CTV advertising is the perfect way to capture this second, larger audience. It’s easy to reach your target audience on CTV, putting your business top of mind before they are even looking for a solution. With tens of thousands of audiences available, you can drilldown to your specific target audience. Rather than competing for expensive impressions from a small pool of those who already have the intent to buy, you are creating a much larger pool and generating the demand.

Even better is you don’t have to be a seasoned industry expert to find success with CTV campaigns. With platforms like Performance TV, all you have to do is upload your creative, set your targeting parameters and you are ready to measure your success. Less work for more business sounds like a winning combo to us.

But are these impressions as effective, generating the same cost per acquisition (CPA)? As we mentioned, we love a good test and don’t mind being the guinea pigs. We ran a CTV campaign (that you can learn more about in our case study) alongside our paid search campaign. We were excited, though not surprised, to see that our CTV campaign outperformed our Google paid search campaign in monthly leads – 16.49% vs. 15.46%.

Explore B2B Advertising on CTV

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