Customer-Centric Marketing, Digital Identity Changes, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Customer-Centric Marketing, Digital Identity Changes, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Every week there is a lot of breaking marketing news. Luckily, we created this roundup so you can see it all in one place.

In the world of digital marketing, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the latest trends and technology. But there is one surefire way to always make sure you are on the right path: focusing on the wants and needs of your customers. In a recently published article, Inc. revealed that while 58% of marketers believe that the customer should be their primary focus, only 14% feel that their organizations make customer-centricity a priority. While it is true that digital marketing metrics like site traffic and social engagement can be indicators of success for a marketing strategy, marketers should not let their relationship with a customer end once they have entered the sales funnel. Inc. recommends that brands who want to succeed spend more time identifying their customers’ needs, interests, motivators, and differentiators. After all, marketers that put the customer at the center of their strategies drive 60% more profitability for their organizations than those who don’t. 

In Connected TV news, digital identifiers like cookies made headlines last year as many media companies indicated they would be moving away from this technology in the years ahead. And while Connected TV doesn’t use cookies in order to target viewers with ads, this upcoming push towards privacy by default will still affect the growing channel. MarketingWeek explores how this trend will affect CTV advertisers going forwards, focusing on the increased fragmentation of identity strategies and the push for first-party data. To read more about the topic, check out the article here

For more of the news that made headlines this week, check out our roundup below.


The Power of Publishers in a Cookieless World – As consumers become more concerned about their privacy and what brands are doing with their data, first-party data is playing a pivotal role as we prepare to enter a cookieless future.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022: Survey Results – To say the last two years have been tumultuous for marketers would be a massive understatement. Agility, adaptability, and constant innovation are now table stakes for marketing organizations of all sizes, across every sector.

Get Ahead of the Trend as In-Person Events and Travel Return – People crave experiences to enrich their lives. It can be argued that travel is a large part of individual identity, especially for millennials and Gen Z.

In the Wild West of Digital Marketing, This North Star Should Guide You – Navigating the world of digital marketing can often feel like you’re lost in a vast unknown, but you can easily find your way if you let this one thing be your guide. 

The Future of B-to-B Marketing Is Hiding in Plain Sight – A dramatic shift is underway for marketers. Those who embrace these changes are well positioned for 2022 and beyond. Those who don’t run the risk of losing credibility with clients and falling behind their peers. 

What If Your Audience Hates Your Ad—And You Don’t Even Know It? – With so many advertising channels, competing brands, and must-see content, the last thing you want to do is spend time, money, and resources on an ad that is either ineffective—or even turns your audience against you. 


Why Even TV Advertisers Need a New Approach to Digital Identity – Even though ad targeting on Connected TVs doesn’t use cookies, it will still be affected by the wider push towards privacy by default.

At This Year’s Oscars, Connected TV Was the Star – The Academy Awards is undoubtedly Hollywood’s biggest night, and this year there was no star brighter than Connected TV (CTV). Most notably, Apple made history as the first streamer to bring home the top prize with its “CODA” winning Best Picture. 

YouTube Is Pushing To Close The Gap Between Linear And CTV – TV and digital advertising remain siloed today despite the lines between devices becoming increasingly blurred. And now that YouTube has moved its YouTube Brandcast event to the same week as the Upfronts, the lines feel downright invisible.

Adweek’s TV Upfronts and NewFronts 2022 Calendar – After two consecutive years of holding upfront events during the pandemic, media companies are preparing for the most normal season since 2019, including the return of an in-person upfront week in May.

IAB Tech Lab Announces Ad Format Guidelines for Digital Video and Connected TV – The former version of the guidance was released six years ago while video and CTV were relatively nascent channels. This update accounts for higher resolution, wider screens, and the opportunities for ad interactions in CTV that exist in today’s world.


The Key to App Launch Success – App Store Optimization (ASO) helps bridge the gap between app launch and long-term app store success. To make it in the app store, creating and maintaining visibility and discoverability are paramount to effective organic and paid mobile marketing campaigns. 

Twitter Begins Pilot Tests for 3 New Ad Formats – Twitter kicked off pilot tests this week for three new ad formats: Interactive Text Ads, Product Explorer Ads and Collection Ads. 

No More Mobile Marketing – Is App Marketing Dead as Everything Becomes ‘Digital Marketing’? – Andre Kempe, Founder at performance marketing agency Admiral Media, argues that as app and web ecosystems are moving closer, it’s more important than ever to have a unified digital marketing approach across channels, devices, and platforms. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.