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    Connected TV

    DTC Shoppers Spend More Time Streaming Than on Social

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    DTC Shoppers Spend More Time Streaming Than on Social

    2 Min Read

    Direct-to-consumer shoppers spend 70% more time streaming than on social

    Direct-To-Consumer Shoppers Prefer Streaming

    People aren’t just watching TV differently with Connected TV, they’re interacting with media in an entirely different way. According to new research from Telaria, direct-to-consumer (DTC) shoppers spend far more time streaming content than they do on social media. This is a significant statistic; social media has carved out a major chunk of user media time for years now, but it would appear streaming is starting to chip away at its dominance.

    Not only are DTC shoppers gravitating toward Connected TV, so too are DTC advertisers. “These brands are data-driven to their core and hyper-focused on customer experiences designed to maintain an ongoing conversation with users,” said the IAB in their report Pivoting to Growth. “They expect total control over the path and performance of every ad dollar spent.” With expectations like that, it’s no wonder they’re making the move to CTV. And if trends continue, more will do the same.

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