Email Marketing Recommendations, CTV Benefits, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Email Marketing Recommendations, CTV Benefits, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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The world of marketing can sometimes feel like it moves at the speed of light. So to help you keep on top of the latest headlines, we created this roundup of the most interesting articles we read this week. 

In digital marketing news, it’s important to know what works when seeking to reach consumers online. In a new report from Digital Commerce 360, in conjunction with Bizrate Insights, they surveyed 1,015 online shoppers this year to better understand their buying behavior, and how they respond to the digital advertising they encounter while online. The survey found that email marketing continues to have a large influence on consumers, with 72% of online shoppers opening email advertising at least a few times a week, and 43% perusing daily or more. The report also found that one of the best ways to entice consumers to open emails is through the promise of deals, with 62% of respondents stating they’re most likely to open promotions-driven emails. 

And in the world of Connected TV, in an article for Ad Age, MNTN’s very own Alexa Tierney covers why Connected TV changes the game for advertisers looking to combine the power of television with targeting and measurement capabilities of digital. Before the rise of CTV advertising, the only way for brands to get their ads on TV was through broadcast and cable, which required costly creative refreshes and limited ability to manage campaigns across different channels. Connected TV, on the other hand, allows even smaller brands to create multiple versions of their ads for different audience groups. To read more on how CTV allows for more targeted advertising with less hassle, check out the article here

Take a look at the rest of the news that caught our attention in the roundup below. 


Reimagine the Ad Experience – With easy access to streaming content, consumers are deciding when, where and how to watch their favorite content and expect excellence at every point.

8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers – Machine learning is making waves in the digital marketing world. Here are eight examples to inspire your next campaign. 

Publishers’ Affiliate Revenues Are Flagging—Here’s Why – After rising to historic peaks during the depths of the pandemic, some publishers’ affiliate businesses have slowed or declined in growth this year due to a variety of factors, tempering hopes that the programs could help media companies withstand market fluctuation. 

The Shopper Speaks: Digital Marketing Insights and Tactics – Digital Commerce 360, in conjunction with Bizrate Insights, surveyed 1,015 online shoppers in May 2022, knowing that it was essential to understand their buying behavior, how they respond to online advertising, and the role of social media.

There’s No Better Time for Brands to Bet on Augmented Reality – The way we shop is changing, and brands that don’t keep up will miss out on demand generation


CTV To Claim 68% Of 2022 US Digital Upfront Ad Spend – U.S. upfront CTV ad spending will grow 34.6%, to reach $6.41 billion, this year—marking the first time that CTV will account for more than two-thirds of upfront digital video spend, projects Inside Intelligencer’s eMarketer. 

How CTV Gives Advertisers the Results They Crave – If your brand is niche, as many are, spending big bucks on network advertising doesn’t make much sense. But thanks to the advancements of CTV and its numerous apps, streamers and capabilities, advertisers have more opportunities to reach their intended audiences. 

Report: Viewers Prefer Connected TV Ads to Traditional Ones – Ads may be more relevant to viewers if they’re watching on a smart or connected device, according to a report from healthcare ad tech firm DeepIntent.

Prepare For CTV: The Next Generation – Once relegated to being unable to target, track, and confined to a box, TV ads have broken free into a futuristic world of targeted creative, multi-device attribution, and omnichannel marketing thanks to Connected TV.

CTV Can Provide Greater Media Transparency for Advertisers: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton – Millions of people are hooking up their TVs directly to the internet, giving advertisers a way to reach target audiences that’s similar to digital pinpointing. This delivery mechanism is significant in making the video ad marketplace more transparent to marketers and agencies.


Social Media Drives The Persuasive Voice In Post-COVID Digital Marketing – These days it’s become nearly impossible to start and grow a business without utilizing some form of digital tools or social media as a means of marketing.  

Socials Are the New Search Engines: What This Means for Digital Marketing – In its infancy, social media was a tool for direct electronic information exchange. But, as it grew from being a tool for mere information exchange to the marketing powerhouse it is today, methods of exposure have been improved and made adaptable.

How Will Musk’s Twitter Takeover Affect Social Media Marketing? – Social media has long been an enabler for a brand to connect with customers. The acquisition is increasingly seen as a disruption among Wall Street analysts. 


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.