Gen Z Travelers, CNN+ Failure, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Gen Z Travelers, CNN+ Failure, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Every week there is tons of marketing news for industry professionals to read, and this one was no exception. To make it easier to see it all in one place, we’ve rounded up some of the top stories that caught our attention. 

In digital marketing news, Adweek explores how travel brands can capture the rising number of Gen Z travelers during the upcoming summer months. The news source covers Avail’s recent State of Travel in 2022 report, which found that 72% of Gen Z respondents plan to invest the same or more in travel this year than pre-pandemic times. While this age group is still fairly young (the oldest are 24 years old), they have more purchase power than before the pandemic—80% say they have “some responsibility” in their trip-planning processes. Adweek recommends that brands looking to reach these young travelers turn to social media with their campaigns, and then reel them in with deals and discounts they won’t be able to resist. 

Also in Connected TV news this week, analysts are taking a look at CNN+’s sudden shutdown. After just a month after launch, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that they would be canceling the streaming service. Forbes believes that there are a number of reasons for this move, starting with their initial decision to launch without a deal with Roku. By the time the service was added to the Roku platform, it was possibly too late to save its future prospects. As a result, Warner Bros. Discovery may have chosen to position the failure of CNN+ as a product issue, rather than a brand mishap. And finally, CNN+ launched without the shows of their top hosts, leading to less than impressive initial subscriber numbers due to the lack of premium content for consumers to watch. 

Check out the rest of the best articles from this week in the roundup below. 


Take Control of Your Digital Marketing by Prioritizing Your Online Presence – Sometimes, you show up well, and you want to protect that. Sometimes, you show up poorly, which you’ll want to improve. Sometimes you don’t show up at all, so you’ll want to expand.

How to Build Augmented Reality Into Your Ecommerce Strategy – The last two years have shown us there is always a tipping point when the masses will finally move to adopt a piece of technology. We’re seeing it now with the QR code, invented in the ’90s, finally having its moment. 

Why Creative Engagement Data Is a Top Insight Into Consumer Intelligence – Consumer intelligence was a victim of the cookie, and as it crumbles, the industry has a chance to re-focus on the more valuable wellspring of data that’s been there all along.

Google Launches New Digital Marketing Certificate – Google is launching a Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Certificate endorsed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (the 4A’s) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

Harnessing Gen Z’s Summer Travel Wanderlust – As they break out of their shells and begin exploring their options, Gen Z consumers are taking a different approach than they did two years ago. 


Overlay Ads Key to Capture Audience Attention on Connected TV – A study by MAGNA Media Trials and GumGum has found that in an increasingly crowded Connected TV (CTV) universe, overlay ads are four times more memorable than video ads and drive 72% more savings for advertisers.

A+E Networks Tells Marketers Content Matters More Than ‘an Algorithm’ – A+E Networks has a simple message for marketers at the 2022 NewFronts: Content matters.

Future Today Study Highlights Family Co-Viewing on CTV – 94% of parents said they have been co-viewing family-friendly streaming content during the last 12 months, a period during which COVID-19 had many people staying home.

Roku’s Active Account Base Reaches 61 Million, but Growth Weighed Down by Ongoing Supply Chain Issues – While the Connected TV platform increased its total revenue and active account base in the first quarter of 2022, the latter figure continued to decelerate as Roku’s hardware business declined for the third straight quarter.

5 Valuable Lessons From The Abrupt Failure Of CNN+ – The shocking news last week that Warner Bros. Discovery was shutting down CNN+ just a month after launch spurred much speculation over whether this was a sign of an imminent shakeout in the streaming industry or a symptom of a poorly executed vision. 

Why We Care About Connected TV and OTT Advertising – Connected TV ads and OTT advertising represent the digital transformation of traditional linear TV publishers following the rise of streaming platforms and mobile viewing, and they are engaging viewers through on-demand, live and cross-channel experiences.


TikTok is Giving Top Creators a Cut of Ad Revenues – TikTok is expanding creator monetization options via a new program called TikTok Pulse that will run ads alongside the top 4% of all videos on the app and give creators a 50% cut of ad revenues.

Mobile Marketing Market 2030 | What Will Emerge As A Key Opportunity? – According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global mobile marketing market size generated $11.00 billion in 2020, and is predicted to reach $57.85 billion by 2030.

The Value of a Creators Network – While the effect that influencers have shouldn’t be underestimated, there is another powerful option when it comes to content generation that is high-impact, relatively lower cost, and results in incredible ROI: creators.


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.