Holiday Season Buying Behavior, Streaming Audience Data, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Holiday Season Buying Behavior, Streaming Audience Data, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Every week sees an influx of industry news for marketers to stay on top of. Luckily, we’ve created this roundup of the top stories so you can see it all in one place. 

In digital marketing news, consumer buying behavior has bounced back after the turbulence of last year. A new report from the CMO Council, which explores how consumers, businesses and marketers shifted focus during the pandemic to address changing needs and requirements, found that consumer spending has grown in most categories. The report, Gaining Lift from the Consumer Shift: Insights into Buying Behavior During Covid and Beyond, revealed that consumer spend on travel (which was one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic) is projected to rise 245% this holiday season compared with 2020. Other insights, such as the projected growth of restaurant spending by 43% and in-store by 15%, all point to a better than ever holiday season for many brands. 

And in Connected TV news, more evidence has been released that streaming audiences aren’t opposed to advertising as long as the content appeals to them. In Hub Entertainment Research’s recently released “TV Advertising: Fact Vs. Fiction” survey of 3,001 U.S. consumers, 60% of respondents gave high satisfaction ratings to shows that included ads customized to them. They also found that 56% of viewers gave high ratings to shows with ads “based on my search history,” as did 54% to shows that included countdown clocks during ads, and 51% to shows with ads shown before the show begins. However, less than half of the respondents gave high ratings to brands that advertised multiple times within the same show, especially if it was the same advertisement shown many times. 

Here are the rest of the articles that caught our attention this week.


Leveraging Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies to Future-Proof Small Businesses – Ongoing digital transformation holds the promise of improving productivity and bringing important changes and lasting implications for small businesses – but they need the right tools and resources readily available to them to open a whole new world of opportunity.   

U.S. Ad Market Expands 8% In October, Seventh Consecutive Month Of Growth – U.S. ad spending expanded 8.2% in October vs. the same month a year ago, according to MediaPost analysis. This represents the seventh consecutive month of expansion for the U.S. ad economy, which sustainably pulled out of the COVID-19-triggered recession in March.

Can’t Rush a Good Thing: Effective Franchise Digital Marketing Takes Time – There’s a lot that goes into planning a robust franchise digital-marketing strategy, and if you’ve hired an outside team to help craft one, you’ve likely had numerous meetings with writers, SEO experts and account managers to lay out goals and share pain points. 

Card Spending To Increase 12%, Study Predicts Holiday Season Will Be Better Than Normal – The buying behaviors of U.S. consumers during COVID-19 evolved to address new priorities and limitations in the supply chain, with consumer spending growing in most categories, according to a report published today from the CMO Council. 


60% Give High Enjoyment Rating To Streamed Shows With Customized Ads – Hub Entertainment Research has released a survey finding indicating that many streaming viewers aren’t opposed to advertising, given acceptable content and delivery modes.

How Connected TV Enhances Loyalty Outreach – It’s no secret that Connected TV has changed the advertising game for good. But as more brands embrace Connected TV, some clever brands have learned how to use it to think outside the box and redefine their advertising metrics.

Discovery Expands, Rebrands Streaming Ad Format Offerings – Almost a year after Discovery first unveiled details about its Discovery+ streaming service, the company is expanding the ad formats on both Discovery+’s “ad-lite” tier and its Discovery Go apps for authenticated cable subscribers.

The Evolution of Co-Viewing Measurement in 2021 and Beyond – TV remains a fixture among media consumption channels, but Connected TV and new streaming devices are redefining how global consumers are watching their favorite shows.

What You Need to Know About Other Brands’ CTV Campaigns – Loyalty is a big deal—especially in business. Repeat customers spend 300% more than new ones. This is why loyalty (and membership) programs are crucial for many brands.


Facebook Leans Into Content Controls: Unveils New Tools For Advertisers, Users – Facebook on Thursday announced a series of tools to help both users and advertisers customize and control what they see in their news feeds and — more importantly — what they do not see. 

Why Mobile Marketing Should Be Part of Your 2022 CX Strategy -U.S. online spending hit $9 billion on Black Friday in 2020 — a new record — of which $3.6 billion (40% of the total online spend) was via smartphones (up 25.3% over 2019).

B2B Mobile Mania: Young Staffers Use Smartphones To Buy Business Products – B2B marketers should not worry about how to reach increasingly younger buyers. The answer is mobile, according to Consumerization of B2B, a study released Wednesday by Rightpoint. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.