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    Connected TV

    Hot Off the Press

    Your MNTN Monthly Content Snapshot.

    Hot Off the Press

    2 Min Read

    Blink – and before you know it, we’re halfway through the year! We’ve been bringing events, workshops and more to the table every month – all of which has contributed to a steady train of fresh content. This month, we focus on one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, Back to School. We also share a sneak preview into our upcoming Adweek webinar – this time with a focus on awareness-driven brands. On the thought leadership front, we uncover some of the latest stats and studies of the state of the industry and ad-supported streaming platforms. Lastly, we address five new FAQs on Quora.

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    The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Back to School  2021

    Graduate top of the (advertising) class with these winning strategies to help you build a successful Back-to-School campaign.

    Read the guide here.

    How Can Awareness Driven Brands Measure Direct-Response on TV

    Are awareness-driven and offline brands doomed to miss the CTV marketing boat, simply because they measure performance a bit differently?

    Read the blog post here.

    New Connected TV Stats That Every Marketer Should Know

    It’s official: Connected TV streaming habits are here to stay. The latest studies show that 82% of US households now have at least one internet-connected TV. Here’s what else we found.

    Read the blog post here.

    Is the Future of Connected TV Ad-Free?

    Are ads inevitable for streaming services? Or is this a fad that will die out as people continue to pay for ad-free options? Spoiler alert: ads are here to stay.

    Read the blog post here.

    MNTN + Quora Digest

    What are people asking about Connected TV? Check out our monthly round up of five questions, cover Connected TV’s revenue pulling prowess, the great cookie debate and more.

    Read the blog post here.

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