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Hot Off the Press

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New year, new batch of content that MNTN is bringing to your inbox. While you were hopefully off enjoying the holidays, we have been working hard to bring you a few gifts to celebrate the beginning of 2022. First up, if you are looking to start off the new year with a bang, we have some recommendations for unique and unexpected audiences to target on Connected TV so you can capture every consumer who made a resolution for the new year. Speaking of making plans for 2022, both digital and CTV advertising went through a transformation in the last year, and we’ve taken the time to break down what that will mean for both channels in the future.

Also in the MNTN content lineup, social media platforms are still very popular among marketers, we’ve noticed that many brands are turning to Connected TV for greater brand safety and consumer trust. And finally, if you thought it was just viewers who were turning to ad-supported streaming more over the last year, think again. According to a new survey from Adweek, many of the top streaming platforms (such as Disney+, Apple+ and Amazon Prime) are among the top streaming advertisers by estimated national TV ad spend this year.

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