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The Future of (C)TV Is Now

The Future of (C)TV Is Now

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If you’re anything like us, you probably get excited about the updates for your favorite streaming services — like an improved search feature or a new billboard in Roku City. While these viewer-facing changes are happening, there’s also a ton of work going on behind the scenes to improve the Connected TV (CTV) advertising experience. 

From improved audience targeting to advances in automated optimization, these changes can create significant results for advertisers, allowing them to make the most of their CTV budget. Vittoria Cipollone, Senior Platform Experience Manager at MNTN, recently joined the American Marketing Association (AMA) to discuss the latest innovations in CTV and the possibilities they create for advertisers. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the conversation: 

The Current State of CTV Advertising

CTV has gained popularity with brands and consumers alike in recent years, outpacing linear television and reaching more households than ever. As of 2023, 87% of U.S. households had at least one CTV device. 

In addition to the growing audience, many CTV platforms are providing advertisers with a performance-first experience. While this concept was unfathomable years ago, premium CTV platforms have seen the rapid innovation of tools to evolve the channel into the performance marketing powerhouse it always promised to be, while still making it easier than ever for brands of all sizes to advertise. At MNTN, 90% of our customers have never advertised on TV before, so we’re ready to help you get your campaign live — whether it’s your first or your fiftieth. 

Between the rising number of viewers on the platform and the latest advancements, advertisers are reserving more of their budget for CTV. In the U.S., CTV ad spend is expected to reach $28.75 billion in 2024, an 18.8% increase from the previous year. All of this means more marketers, both experienced and new to CTV, are relying on the channel more than ever to acquire customers, generate meaningful revenue, and grow their business.

The Ins and Outs of Performance TV

Many marketers still think of CTV as an awareness-only play. While it can still drive acquisitions and reach new customers, the capabilities have developed far beyond a single segment of the sales funnel. Now, with the right tech, TV can work alongside paid search and social media in performance marketing strategies, with features like precision targeting and in-depth reporting. 

The Tech Making It Happen 

There’s some powerful tech behind these CTV advancements — let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect to find in an innovative, performance-focused platform. 

Automated Optimization 

One way CTV can drive performance is through automated optimization. Once you enter your budget and goal on MNTN’s platform, the unique technology optimizes your campaign hundreds of thousands of times a day to deliver the marketing metrics that matter most to your team. 

High Performance Audiences 

Advertisers have never had targeting capabilities with TV before — until now, with CTV. And since reaching the right people is one of the most essential elements of any marketing campaign, we think it should be done well. With MNTN, advertisers can reach high performance audiences, combining the prestige of television advertising with the power of digital to deliver results at scale. 

In-Depth Reporting 

One of the major challenges of TV advertising has been the lack of reporting. But CTV has changed the game (again), allowing brands to know exactly how their campaigns are performing. MNTN’s robust reporting suite allows advertisers to track the metrics that matter most to their brand and gain key insights needed to improve their campaigns. 

Optimize Your Performance With the Right Creative 

While the barriers to entry have been lowered for many digital platforms, we know it still takes significant resources — including time, energy, and budget — to produce CTV creative. And it’s especially difficult to know where to start if you’re preparing to air your first TV campaign. 

But producing the right ad creative is essential to CTV success. MNTN’s creative partner, QuickFrame, helps brands craft the right ad creative for every industry, objective, and budget, helping break down the creative obstacles. 

Ready To Add TV To Your Performance Strategy? 

It’s time to add TV to your marketing strategy. (Like, right now. Go request a demo.) With audiences flocking to the channel and CTV platforms releasing innovative features, CTV creates significant opportunities for advertisers who are looking to drive performance, connect with audiences, and optimize their campaigns. 

Ready to learn more about adding CTV to your performance marketing strategy? Watch the full webinar here.