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And the Award for Most Successful Industry on CTV Goes To…

And the Award for Most Successful Industry on CTV Goes To…

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If you’re reading this, you likely already know that Connected TV (CTV) has established itself as a crucial performance marketing channel for marketers. With over 205 million video-on-demand subscribers in the United States and 87% of US households having at least one CTV device, there’s no doubt why advertisers are investing in streaming advertising

As CTV ad spend continues to grow, marketing teams need to make the most of this opportunity and reach their audiences effectively. But have you ever wondered which verticals perform best on CTV? 

We did, and now we’re ready to share the results! Elisa Hawkins, Vice President of Mid-Market at MNTN, recently joined Ad Age to discuss CTV’s highest-performing verticals. Let’s take a look at some of the conversation: 

Which Industries Are Leading the Way? 

While we’re just scratching the surface with this list, here are a few of the industries leading the way through CTV advertising: 

Beauty, Fashion, and Health 

By leaning into the visual nature of CTV, beauty, fashion, health, and related industries are driving performance with engaging ads. Often, these industries use highly motivational and aspirational ads — something every brand can use as inspiration for their next campaign. 

Fashion case study: read about Tuckernuck’s experience with MNTN


While people might not expect B2B ads on streaming, they’re a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Remember, we’re not actually talking to other businesses — we’re talking to the people who lead them. And those people are just as likely to sit down and watch their favorite show on streaming as anyone else. While linear TV was missing the features needed to make TV advertising successful for B2B brands, CTV has the tools to make it happen. 

B2B case study: read about Pluralsight’s experience with MNTN.


Move your tassel over and toss your cap into the air — it’s time to celebrate the education industry’s success. Education and science brands that advertise on CTV have higher impression and visit rates than the average advertiser, creating an incredible opportunity to connect with current, potential, and former students. 

Education case study: read about National University’s experience with MNTN.

Optimize Your CTV Performance 

The examples we discussed above are just a few of the industries that have seen recent success on CTV. No matter your industry, here are some ways to optimize your performance on the platform.

Use Effective Measurement and Attribution Tools 

One of the most critical ways to optimize your performance on CTV is by using the right measurement and attribution tools. Without these insights, it’s nearly impossible to make the right adjustments throughout your campaign. With MNTN’s attribution model, you can confidently make budget decisions and optimize the performance of your entire marketing strategy. 

Air Engaging Ad Creative 

Since CTV is a visual platform, airing the right ad creative is essential to the success of your campaigns. And regardless of industry, all brands can benefit from maximizing CTV’s storytelling capabilities through engaging ads.

MNTN customers have access to creative solutions — including QuickFrame — to help streamline the ad creative process and air more effective creative. Plus, with creative variations, advertisers can minimize ad fatigue, which affects both advertisers and brands. Our research found that 67% of consumers actually want to see different storytelling approaches, so by creating ad variations, you’re giving your audience what they want, too. 

Work With the Right Partner

Most importantly, you have to work with the right CTV partner to optimize your performance on the platform. 

At MNTN, we provide customers with the tools they need to succeed, including an in-depth reporting suite, access to premium inventory, and built-in automated optimization — just to name a few features. And we’re always looking to the future for new tools, partnerships, and solutions to benefit our advertisers. Recently, we released Next Gen Performance TV, which helps customers improve ROAS, gain new engagement insights, and seamlessly scale their campaigns. 

With Performance TV, Everyone’s A Winner

Data shows that brands of all industries — from TV staples like fashion and beauty to more surprising industries like business and science — find success on CTV. But which industries took home the awards? Watch the full webinar here to find out.