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    Hot off the Press

    Let's talk Connected TV - Here's our latest SteelHouse content snapshot.

    Hot off the Press

    2 Min Read

    We are only two months into the year, and it’s already full steam ahead! Last month kicked off our monthly webinar series, where we team up with some of the advertising industry’s biggest names. Learn how to maximize CTV for your evergreen campaigns in our MediaPost webinar recap, as well as a little teaser on our upcoming Tech-Talk with eMarketer. We continue our successful thought leadership series with a look at Apple and Facebook’s latest face-off, and what the SpotX x Magnite merger means for the CTV industry. 

    Last, but certainly not least, we unveil our 2021 Post-Holiday Connected TV Report with some jaw-dropping numbers that will make you want to get onto the CTV bandwagon as quickly as you can say…CTV?

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    Apple’s IDFA Announcement Stirs Up the Data Privacy Debate

     iOS 14 is rolling out this Spring, and big tech is not happy about it. Is this the demise of digital advertising as we know it? 

    Read the blog post here.

    Magnite Acquires SpotX in $1.17B Connected TV Consolidation Deal

    Talk about an ever-intensifying CTV arms race. Find out what this latest move means for Connected TV advertising, and how the playing field will change after this M&A.

    Read the blog post here.

    Make Connected TV Advertising a Permanent Fixture in Your Digital Ad Strategy

    If you’re only using CTV to promote big shopping events, you’re missing out on some untapped potential. Here’s how and why you should keep your campaigns “on” all year round.

    Read the blog post here.

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