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    Hot Off the Press

    Let's talk Connected TV - Here's our latest MNTN content snapshot.

    Hot Off the Press

    2 Min Read

    Summer may just be getting started, but MNTN Performance TV is working hard all year round.  What better way to celebrate the start of a new season than with some new content? We just released our annual summer guide, which analyzes a collection of Connected TV campaigns from last year’s season to reveal what works best for advertisers. After all, knowing about CTV campaign strategies can help shape and improve business decisions on other channels as well. Also on the content lineup, TV ads have broken free of the box and into a futuristic world of creative multi-device attribution, and our recent Audience Segment Reporting release will make it easier than ever to know the exact, high value customers responsible for driving those summer campaign conversions and revenue.

    On the webinar front, Ali Haeri, Vice President of Marketing at MNTN, recently spoke to Gartner to discuss some real-world examples of CTV being used as an effective performance channel. Watch the replay to learn about everything from A/B testing TV ads, to conversion tracking and cross-device attribution.

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    Summertime, and the Performance is CTV.

    Summer’s here, and the only thing hotter than the temps is the opportunity advertisers have to drive some serious ROI.

    Read the guide here.

    TV Is Breaking Out Beyond the Box. Are You Ready?

    TV ads are no longer shackled to one device—and that’s great news for both brands and viewers.

    Read the blog post here.

    Ready For Primetime: Why CTV Can (And Should) Be a Go-To Performance Channel

    Learn more about the tools, technology, and mindset needed to create media plans that get the most out of Connected TV.

    Watch the webinar here.

    MNTN Just Leveled-Up Audience Testing on Connected TV

    MNTN users can now drill down and view performance data tied to each individual audience segment included in their targeting.

    Read the blog post here.

     Everyone Wants a Piece of the CTV Pie

    Regardless of industry, the lessons learned from CTV’s success are shaping business decisions and molding the future of media.

    Read the blog post here.

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