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MNTN Just Leveled-Up Audience Testing on Connected TV

Learn more about your audience with MNTN than any other CTV platform

MNTN Just Leveled-Up Audience Testing on Connected TV

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Today, we’re excited to officially make Audience Segment Reporting available to all marketers using the MNTN Performance TV platform. Now, MNTN users can drill down and view performance data tied to each individual audience segment included in their targeting—providing a detailed picture of the exact, high value customers responsible for driving conversions and revenue.

Although many DSPs and other digital platforms have been offering audience segment reporting for a while, we’ve done one better as our Audience Segment Reporting opens up opportunities for marketers that aren’t available on other platforms.

Here are a few ways you can use MNTN’s Audience Segment Reporting to level up your marketing activations right now:

Test, Learn, and Target More Effectively than You Can With Any Other CTV Platform

While a limited number of other Connected TV and OTT platforms come with integrated targeting segments, those segments are often limited to basic demographics and interests. Our unique integration with third-party data providers allows us to offer significantly more targeting opportunities, including over 80,000 unique segments you can use to build out their audience profiles. These segments go beyond basic audience demographics and empower marketers to leverage consumer purchase data, in-market intent, business decision-making capabilities, TV viewing behaviors, affinities, and more to hone in on CTV viewers that have high propensities to convert.

MNTN Audience Segment Reporting empowers marketers to target any combination of MNTN’s multitude of audience segments—and their CRM lists—report back on the performance tied to each one, and optimize their expansive targeting more effectively than they could on other platforms. What’s this mean? Better performance.

Test Audiences More Effectively Than You Can With a DSP

Most DSPs charge fees for every third party audience segment you target in a campaign. Unfortunately, these extra costs limit your ability to scale campaigns and drive performance. Marketers often have to be more selective about the audience segments they target and test during their campaigns—limiting the insights they can gather in the process.

With DSPs, your ability to learn is limited. With MNTN, it’s now limitless. Unlike DSPs, MNTN doesn’t charge any data fees. So, take a leaf out of DECKED’s book and target over 50 different audience segments in one campaign without impacting scale or performance, and then use your audience segment reporting to analyze the outcomes driven by each segment.

Apply Your Learnings to Platforms That Don’t Offer Granular Audience Insights

Many key performance marketing channels still don’t audience segment-level reporting, including some major social platforms. This makes it difficult to learn which audiences to prioritize when investing in those activations.

Brands can use Audience Segment Reporting to test and learn on Connected TV and then apply those learnings across their marketing mix—informing better targeting strategies on channels with more limited audience reporting.

You have to love when a rising tide raises all ships.

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