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How Connected TV is Aiding Talent Teams Amid the Great Resignation

Could TV advertising be the next ‘Help Wanted’ ad? Learn how companies are turning their attention to television advertising as a recruitment driver.

How Connected TV is Aiding Talent Teams Amid the Great Resignation

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Since the beginning of The Great Resignation in April 2021, nearly 33 million employees have quit their jobs. Last November saw the highest number of American employees leave their jobs behind, with a record high of 4.5 million walking off the job. If we average that out across the year, it works out to be more than 3.98 million workers quitting each month—making it the highest average on record. “Workers being able to quit their jobs to take better jobs is a very good thing and signals an economy with healthy dynamism,” said Economic Policy Institute president Heidi Shierholz. “The dynamic we are seeing of a high quits rate combined with strong job growth is absolutely something to celebrate.”

This Job Market Is on Fire

CTV Ads Are the New Headhunters

Businesses are doing what they can to attract, select, engage and retain talent—as 40% of employees say they are likely to quit within the next three to six months. So, what strategies are HR and talent teams employing in today’s candidate driven market? Last week, the Wall Street Journal explored new avenues taken by companies including Dominos, FedEx and even recruitment marketing agencies. “At this point, the cost of not filling open jobs far outweighs the cost of doing TV ads,” said Joe Shaker Jr., President of Shaker Recruitment Marketing. Other companies like Safelite, an auto repair vendor, used a combination of television and online ads running on Instagram and TikTok to boost their job application pool by 50%. Christina Pletnewski, the company’s Vice President of Customer Experience, said the TV ads allowed the company to better showcase its “personality and our sense of team.”

Meanwhile, FedEx launched a new TV advertising campaign “Careers: My Work,” which ran during prime time spots like NFL  games, with a call-to-action highlighting their many open positions. Jenny Robertson, FedEx’s Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing, spent approximately $24 million on the campaign, which drove 111,000 applications in one week for hourly positions, higher than any week in its history. Job seeker website Indeed recently fielded a survey of over 1,100 businesses nationwide, and found that 79% of employers have cited difficulties with hiring candidates. This has forced HR and talent teams to rethink their approach beyond the standard job post listing.

CTV’s Creative Know-How Transforms The Great Resignation to The Great Attraction

“Connected TV is not a single-use channel as many believe—television is no longer just for upper-funnel awareness,” explains Hooman Javidan-Nejad, Director of Performance Marketing at MNTN. In many ways, Connected TV platforms like MNTN Performance TV work like any other digital ad channel, where advertisers can segment audiences, budget and creative to maximize performance and tie them to their business goals. Connected TV is a viable solution to both recruitment agencies or brands wanting to stand out in a tight labor market, simply through its creative capabilities alone.

Let’s take a big box retailer as an example, who has many layers of recruitment needs across operations, fulfilment and logistics and front of house roles. Advertisers can set up several iterations of CTV ads tailored to each of these groups with MNTN’s Creative-as-a-Subscription™, a service offering that was designed to speed up production and cut down go-to-market times with multiple ad variants that can be quickly launched, tested and iterated in real time.

Additionally, advertisers can access third-party audience segments, which ensures talent teams are reaching the audience they want to get in front of, all while they are watching their favorite television programs. This makes recruiting via television make sense; advertisers can deliver a highly targeted message to an audience that is looking for their next job. This level of precision ensures the budget is spent effectively, and the right talent applies for the open roles.

The long list of features available to Connected TV advertisers goes to show the ad channel’s adaptability. It is not only a way to drive brand awareness and conversions, but also impact performance across other business functions advertisers had not thought possible.