Local Advertising, AVOD Revenue Increases, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Local Advertising, AVOD Revenue Increases, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week has seen a lot of marketing news to keep track of. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s some of the top news making an impact on the marketing world this week. 

In digital marketing news, local advertising has been making headlines as many businesses seek to change up their digital marketing strategies for the remainder of the year. Even with the pandemic, many stores are still making most of their money in-stores. That’s why it is surprising that multi-location brands have typically been slow to utilize local marketing tactics – instead choosing to focus on national campaigns. This fact is poised to change however. A recent survey from Forrester found that 60% of multi-location marketers believed local ratings and social media had “a direct impact on their customers’ decisions to visit a store and make a purchase.” As a result, 61% of those surveyed said they will be working to improve their local marketing campaigns in the coming year. 

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And in Connected TV news, five ad-supported video-on-demand streaming platforms reported a 31% rise in ad revenues in the second quarter of this year. This news comes as broadcast and cable TV networks are reporting a 28% decline in revenue. These five platforms, Pluto TV, Roku, Hulu, Tubi, and Peacock, benefitted from an increased usage of their platforms as well as a shift in advertising budgets to OTT advertising platforms. This report from MoffettNathanson Research also estimates that the annual ad revenue for Connected TV will reach $8 billion by the end of 2020. Marketers should be looking to add CTV to their marketing mixes in order to take advantage of this increase of users and interest. 

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Here are the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye in the last few days. 


Majority of chains call local-digital marketing an ‘untapped opportunity’ – Despite the fact that they make most of their money in stores, multi-location brands have typically been slow to focus on local-digital marketing tactics such as local SEO and localized social media marketing. 

Amplify corporate learning with a digital marketing game plan – In recent times, corporate learning has gone through a series of major transformations, from traditional training to learning management systems and more recently to cognitive platforms.

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting In Digital Marketing: What’s The Difference? – Content creation is an integral part of digital marketing. It’s also common knowledge that users will not discover your business when browsing the internet unless you create content. 

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on Digital Marketing? – As digital marketing continues to grow and take over market share from traditional marketing, many marketing managers and small business founders are asking how much they should be spending on digital marketing.

How Healthcare Practices Can Use Digital Marketing To Retain Patients – In the current digital age, when it is generally easier for healthcare professionals to interact and connect with patients, digital marketing strategies are critical to retaining patients and increasing practice growth.


Roku: Benefiting From The Shift To Connected TV (NASDAQ:ROKU) – Roku’s leading position in streaming devices and smart TV operating systems continues to drive account growth and gives Roku a strong position for international expansion.

CTV is where the viewers go and advertisers should follow – Massive popularity translated into the explosive surge in CTV media buying, and now both content consumption on CTV and ad spend are climbing while the ad budgets on traditional television are decreasing.

Five Premium Ad-Supported Video Platforms Up 31% In Q2 Ad Revenues – In the second quarter of this year, five premium advertising-supported video-on-demand streaming platforms witnessed a 31% rise in ad revenues – versus a 28% decline for national broadcast/cable TV networks’ revenue.

The long and short of CTV: turning the promise of Smart TV advertising into a reality – The Internet is fundamentally changing the way audiences interact with their TVs, and this in turn is providing new opportunities to the advertiser who can now apply digital metrics to TV.


Financial Marketers Moving Mobile Ads to the Front Burner – Bank and credit union spending is up on mobile channels as Americans live on their devices more than ever. But mobile marketing budgets can be money to burn if financial advertisers don’t pay more attention to the messages themselves.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.