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Nine Out of 10 U.S. CTV Viewers Watch Ad-Supported Content

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Nine Out of 10 U.S. CTV Viewers Watch Ad-Supported Content

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As consumer habits continue to change, one thing marketers can be sure of is that potential customers are always eager to find ways to reduce costs. And one of the ways they are doing so is by watching their favorite shows through free services that support streaming TV advertising. According to a survey conducted by Statista for sell-side advertising platform Magnite, nine out of 10 U.S. Connected TV viewers report watching ad-supported content — up from four out of five just a year ago. And by utilizing data from eMarketer, Magnite estimates that there are 55 million CTV-only households in America, with 50 million households watching some ad-supported content. 

This is especially important for marketers and brands looking to get their campaign messages in front of interested audiences. Connected TV advertising allows brands to combine the impact of television with the optimization and targeting that they are accustomed to through digital channels – and the Magnite survey found that 47% of Connected TV viewers are willing to share information to receive relevant ads (compared to 28% of traditional TV viewers). So with 80% of CTV viewers also more likely to pay attention to ads that are in line with their lifestyle and opinions, the targeting power of Connected TV becomes even more valuable for advertisers.

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